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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Foremost, Alberta

Thursday November 1...11:05pm

Got up and after something to eat we headed for a laundromat. We were pretty much the only ones there except for the woman working there. Nice enough morning, so I took Whiskey for a walk while Ruth sorted out the laundry.

Just as we were finishing up there another woman came in with her two little dogs and it turns out the woman running the place lets dogs in all the we had to go get Whiskey and show her off. Our spoiled puppy was even given a treat while she was there! Then we headed to the Superstore for groceries. Alberta grocery stores are a little different. The Safeway stores are VERY expensive...for example, we paid about $2.97 or so for a large bottle of V-8 juice in Ottawa...the same thing at Safeway was $4.84! Needless to say, we won't be shopping at Safeway! But even the Superstore is different. Prices are definitely better, but to get a real deal you have to buy 2 or 3 of the same item, so you have to be careful...and of course we don't have too much room to be stocking up on things. We did stock up on gasoline though...topped up the tank at 94.4 cents/litre.

While we were in the grocery store, we saw that it had started pouring rain outside. As we finished up, that rain had turned into big wet snowflakes. This was not in the forecast! By this time it was getting past 1pm and we drove to a nearby park area where we had a bite to eat and decided on our plan for the rest of the day. We want to get to Lethbridge eventually, and it was only about 160 km's away, but there is another provincial park we wanted to try to get to..."Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park"...which is southwest of Medicine Hat about 120 km's. They're open all year and we thought we might stay overnight there. The snow had subsided and it was actually clearing up, so we headed in that direction. But about 60 km's from the park we drove through a little town called Foremost, and they have a municipal park that's still open for $18 with electricity included. A little pricey, but we could use some electric to recharge the cell phone and do a quick vacuum. Turns out to be a really nice little park, well maintained and with a walking path the town has just finished that goes around a little pond. This is one of the first small towns we've seen where they really seem to care about the place and are trying to make something of it. Have to give them credit for that, so we don't mind supporting them.

Lots of wet snow...but it didn't stay long


The pond at Foremost

The pond at Foremost  

So as we get parked up and hooked up here, it starts to snow. Now, we're getting fairly close to some mountains...the park we're headed for has some hilly areas and it's really only another 1 ½ hours or so to Crowesnest Pass, and they can start to get a lot of snow there at this time of year. So some big wet flakes come down for about 45 minutes or so. Enough to cover the grass. We went for a walk around the pond and it was really beautiful at sunset.  Tomorrow we'll go around the actual townsite and then head to the park.

Chilly outside, but we're nice and warm using our little electric heater. We paid our $ we're leaving the heater on all night!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 19...

November Fuel $ 110.46

November Grocery $ 68.83

November Overnight Costs $ 18

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