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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lethbridge, Alberta

Saturday November 3...10:15pm

Woke up this morning to a deer standing out in our campsite. They don't seem to be very shy, that's for sure.

Our neighbour, the deer

We headed up to Lethbridge to pick up something my sister was sending us. But before we left the park we heard the radio say it was supposed to get really windy today. Sherman is tough to hang onto in a strong wind. The first town we got to, I logged onto the internet, posted the last couple of days trip journals, and checked the weather forecast. It was windy already, and they had a wind advisory out for Lethbridge, Cardston, and Crowsnest Pass. For tonight, they said wind gusts of up to 100 km/h! It was only another 60 km's to Lethbridge so we decided to head there anyhow, but was it ever windy!

Got to Lethbridge after lunch and are actually staying at a full service RV park for tonight. They wanted $27.38 including power, internet, and the dog. Little charges for everything, but we needed the internet tonight, so we bit the bullet. Will have to pinch pennies for a few nights after this. We don't even get free showers included in that price!

Sure enough, it is really windy just now. Don't think we've had any 100 km/h gusts yet, but the trees are definitely swaying. Not cold though...temp about 11 degrees.

Making a little detour down to Waterton Lakes National Park tomorrow. Should be some beautiful pictures there.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 21...

November Fuel $ 110.46

November Grocery $ 68.83

November Overnight Costs $ 62.38

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