View on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania last February.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Vernon, B.C.

Sunday November 11...9:00pm

Went for a walk around Enderby this morning, and then just sat around with everyone at Cindy's house and just chatted. Did some laundry and had showers. Everyone was leaving after lunch, so we decided we'd head down to Vernon for the evening and get in touch with Aunt Barbara.

We parked at the Walmart in Vernon for the night because we weren't sure exactly where in Vernon Aunt Barbara lived. As we got set up, I checked my emails and there was one from my cousin Gail saying that Aunt Barbara thought it would be best if we parked at the Walmart because her house is only a 5 minute walk away from there. Too funny...we were already parked at the Walmart!

She invited us for breakfast tomorrow morning, so we're looking forward to spending some time with her.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 29...

November Fuel $ 431.32

November Grocery $ 157.31

November Overnight Costs $ 88.38

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