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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Harrison Hot Springs

Wednesday November 28...9:30pm

Lazed around this morning for a bit just getting things sorted in Sherman to get on the road again. Walked to the post office to get a U.S. money order for Alex so that he can go play baseball in Tennessee next June and July. It's an elite wood bat league designed for college
baseball players. After lunch, said a very thankful goodbye to our new friends Cory and Elaine. It's a pretty safe bet that we'll see them again sometime in each others future travels.

Cory, Elaine and Chappy, the dog hating cat

Just outside of Hope, there's a highway truck weigh scale that we stopped at because I was concerned and curious as to how our vehicle weight compared with what the maximum manufacturer standards were. Turns out that we are only very slightly overweight, and we used the scales with full fuel tank, full propane, and full fresh water. Even the waste holding tanks were far from empty. The front maximum is 2214kg, and we came in at 1990kg. The rear maximum is 3402kg, and we came in at 3860kg. And as I said, that was with completely full tanks. So, we are getting rid of a few things, and transferring some weight from rear to front. Overall, I had expected we were overweight, so it turned out slightly better than I had hoped for.

We pulled into Harrison Hot Springs around 2:30pm and walked around for a bit with Whiskey. It's a pretty spot, but would be a total zoo during the summer. Not many people around at this time of year, and we parked on a side street near the restaurant we're going to celebrate Ruth's birthday at. Walked down a trail that took us to the "source" of the hot springs that were discovered back in the 1860's. There's a few nice trails around here, so after we go for a dip in the hot springs pool tomorrow morning, we'll go for a hike. Doubt we'll hang around here much longer than that...we have more friends to visit in Maple Ridge...a couple we met while in Mexico a few years ago.

Had a really good dinner at "Old Settler Pub"...a nice log building just as you enter the village of Harrision Hot Springs. Only the second time we've been in a restaurant since leaving Ottawa October 15th. Ruth had the lamb, and I had chicken enchiladas. It was really good...had no complaints at all.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 45...

November Fuel $ 697.58

November Grocery $ 340.02

November Overnight Costs $ 247.38

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