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Friday, November 9, 2007

Middle of nowhere...near Beaverdell

Friday November 9...7:00pm

Sure enough, we didn't need the furnace last night. Woke up and it was still 9 degrees inside. We're at the point now that if it's over 5 degrees inside when we wake up, then we're doing just fine! Got up and drove the 20 minutes or so back
into Castlegar where we waited in the grocery store parking lot for it to open at 8am. Then had coffee and breakfast before heading off.

Figured we would get to Rock Creek area, but because we had such an early start we were already there by 11:30am. Just past Rock Creek was Kettle Creek Provincial Park. Thought maybe we could overnight in the day use area, but they had the whole thing gated off at the highway. We took Whiskey for a walk though. That area had a lot of mining acitivity in the early 1900' much that they built a railway up through there. The railway was decomissioned and the last parts of the line were ripped up by 1990. Now it's a biking trail that goes for 550 km's. There's a lot of old mine structures still there and even a lot of mine shafts that are still accessable even though they warn you not to enter them.

Mine shaft at Kettle River Provincial Park

Trail near Kettle River. Railway bridge is now part of the trail.

They had said it was going to rain a lot in this area today, but they obviously don't have a clue! It's turned into a great day and I'd guess the temperature went above 10 degrees.

So we decided to carry on north up highway 33 to a little town called Beaverdell. I had read online that there were supposed to be lots of side roads where it would be easy to find a spot for the night. We stopped at the general store and asked if they knew of anywhere we could park for the night. The guy there directed us about 20 minutes further down the road where he said there was a pond with a little road running to it and didn't think anybody would mind if we parked there. Sure enough, we found the spot and it will be just fine for tonight.

Sherman, parked for the night

Heading for Enderby (north of Vernon) tomorrow to see my cousin Cindy and my cousins Darl, Willis, and Dean are supposed to be visiting, as well as my Aunt Sally. Hoping to stay there a couple of days and then back down to Vernon to see my Aunt Barbara.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 27...

November Fuel $ 431.32

November Grocery $ 146.37

November Overnight Costs $ 88.38

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