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Saturday, November 24, 2007

E.C. Manning Provincial Park

Saturday November 24...8:30pm

Took a couple of hours this morning to putter around and get things ready to go on the road again. Emptied and cleaned the tanks one more time, did the vacuuming, checked the tire pressure, cleaned the windows, got the bikes back on the bike rack.

 It was an uneventful but fairly scenic drive about 100 km's to Princeton. It was pretty cloudy and we're back in the mountains again so they were calling for a 40% chance of snow flurries. I think we did get a few flakes come down, but by the time we made it to Princeton it was starting to clear up. It had gone down to -13 in Princeton the night before, so we hope we have missed that little cold spell as we pass through.

We stopped and got a few more groceries and had lunch in Princeton. The grocery store wasn't too bad...not as overpriced as the one in Osoyoos. The name of the store, and it's a chain, is "Overwaitea Food Stores". What a dumb name for a food store. And they have this weird "Save on Foods" card that you're supposed to sign up for in order to get discounts from the regular price of most items...and it's free to sign up for the card. So nobody ever pays the regular what's the point of having the regular price? I don't get it. And then to top it off, the "regular price" on those items is far higher than what you'd pay at your average grocery store.

Drove another 50 km's or so to the east entrance of E.C. Manning Provincial Park. We find that we need to start looking for an overnight spot by 2pm or so because it starts to get dark by 4pm. This park is pretty big, and much like Algonquin Park in Ontario, it has the main highway running right through it. About 10 minutes after we got into the park, we spotted a road leading to a trailhead. There's snow on the ground up here, and the road leading into the parking lot was covered in snow too. We could see by the tracks that not many people stopped by this lot. So that's where we're parked for the night. Had enough daylight left to go for a 45 minute walk through the trail here No wind, but it was already about -3, so a little chilly.

Sherman, parked for the night at the Monument Trailhead

Ruth, with Whiskey playing in the snow

On Monument Trail in E.C. Manning Provincial Park

Kevin with a HUGE tree had recently fallen and was blocking the trail

Had a delicious chicken stir fry for supper, and then a few games of backgammon and cribbage. It's now -4 outside as I write this, so I doubt it will get to -13, but it's still going to be a cold night. Even though we have given up the ammenities of the RV Park, it is much more interesting parking overnight on your own (boondocking). We think that in the future, we won't stay in one spot any longer than 3-4 days. Glad to be back on the road!

Ruth cooking stir fry!

Heading for Hope tomorrow, and last we checked the forecast is calling for a beautiful 6 and sunny!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 41...

November Fuel $ 559.84

November Grocery $ 301.96

November Overnight Costs $ 247.38

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