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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Othello Tunnels

Tuesday November 27...11:45pm

Ruth's birthday today! She's been wanting to get her hair done, so she found a spot here in Hope that would do it without an appointment...she just happened to show up at the right time.

Cory (our globalfreeloader host) took the day off in order to spend some time with us and show us around Hope. He drove us up to the Othello Tunnels which is where they constructed a series of 5 tunnels through the mountain following the Coquihalla River Gorge. This was done in back in 1916, and was a real engineering miracle back then. In fact, looking at it today, I had to wonder at how they could have even thought about doing it...and yet they did. Very fascinating, and the 15 cm's or so of fresh snow on the ground made the scenery in the area look really nice too. And, it was really nice wandering around when we were the only ones there...I can imagine what a zoo it would be there in July and August. This was also where some of the helicopter scenes for the "First Blood" movie were filmed.

Near the Othello Tunnels

Near the Othello Tunnels

Entrance to the tunnels

View of the tunnels through the first tunnel

This is where some of the scenes for "First Blood" were filmed

I bought 4 litres of milk today. The fridge doesn't fit the 4 litre jug though, so we keep 2 empty 2 litre jugs in order to pour the big jug into so that the two smaller jugs fit perfectly in the door. Of course it is much cheaper to buy the milk in the larger jug. But we also keep orange juice in the same 2 litre jugs. So here's me, filling up the 2 litre jugs with the new milk...only I had picked up the orange juice jug which has just a little left....and filled it up with milk! Didn't notice until it was pretty much full and I thought "oh, that colour doesn't look quite right"...I guess not! Threw that one down the drain. So much for saving money buying the larger container! Oh well...we had a good laugh over that.

Chris and Anne came over to join us at Cory and Elaine's for dinner. They brought a movie for us to watch..."Lost in America"...a 1986 movie about a guy who buys a Winnebago and quits his corporate America job in order to travel the country. Supposed to be a really funny movie, so we're looking forward to watching that. Had a feast of New York steaks mushrooms and baked potato and bread and corn and was totally delicious. And then, to top it all off, they had picked up an ice cream birthday cake for Ruth, so that was a real treat that we all enjoyed as well. Certainly one of the more memorable birthday's Ruth has had for a while!

Ruth's ice-cream birthday cake

They're actually calling for more snow for this area. Provided it's not too bad, we're going to head for Harrision Hot Springs tomorrow and go for a dip in the 104 degree water. And we'll keep our eyes open for Sasquatches because the Harrision Hot Springs area is well known for Sasquatch sightings!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 44...

November Fuel $ 559.84

November Grocery $ 319.30

November Overnight Costs $ 247.38

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