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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Fun to watch the Turkish Stars aerobatic team

We didn't leave the apartment until 3:00pm Tuesday afternoon! Not sure exactly where the day went, but the time does seem to pass quickly, even when we are doing nothing. Neither one of us seem to have any problem wasting away a few hours on the internet. Wasting is perhaps the wrong word, as I am generally researching either future travel or something to do with our investments in the gold market, and Ruth spends a lot of time labeling and organizing our photos.

And speaking of photos, I sure took a lot yesterday!

At 3:00pm, we started walking the 5 kms (3 miles) one way to Antalya's Konyaaltı Beach where the Turkish Stars aerobatic team were doing a display starting at 4:00pm.

Tuesday was a public holiday here in Turkiye... National Sovereignty and Children's Day, commemorating the foundation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkiye, on 23 April 1920.

Lots of Turkish flags on display.

We knew there would be a lot of people out, and the whole atmosphere reminded us of Canada Day in downtown Ottawa on July 1st. Everybody having fun, but boy it sure was crowded! The sidewalks were moving pretty slowly with so many people heading down to the beach.

From the first viewpoint, you can see how busy Konyaaltı Beach is.

And it was even busier a half an hour later!

We made our way down to the beach and found a spot. Still lots of room for everyone. Not as nice of a day as what they had forecast, with a bit of haze and high clouds, but it was warm enough at 26C (79F).

The aerobatic team arrived a couple of minutes past 4:00pm. As I said, I took a ton of photos, but I whittled them down quite a bit. Really impressed that these were all taken with a cell phone! Still very happy with my decision to ditch the big camera and get a good quality phone.

Here they come!

Flying upside down.

Lots of fun. They kept our eyes in the sky for a full half an hour. 

Oh, I took a few videos too, but I won't bother uploading them here. You can see them at our YouTube channel if you are interested...

Last night, I confirmed our booking for the 10 day Peaks of the Balkans hike... we will be doing it from June 13 to June 22. Really excited about that!

Samsung S24 Ultra. Record low deal.

And in Canada...


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