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Friday, April 12, 2024

Someday we will have a rematch!

Cheryl is still on holiday, so on Thursday, she and her boyfriend Ahmet, took off for the day, and we didn't mind looking after Gus again. We've been so lucky with the weather, and yes, it was another gorgeous day. It's spring in Istanbul, and you can tell by the people out in the park that they've been looking forward to this kind of weather!

From our afternoon walk...

So many people out enjoying the day.

Most of them live in apartments, so they don't have any access to the outdoors.
Unless they come to the park!

So on a beautiful spring day in Istanbul, people come out and have evening picnics in the park. It can get really busy, and people have guitars, and play music, and even enjoy some beer or wine. Really enjoyable atmosphere!

An interesting boat pulled into the harbor.

Reminds us of Mexico!

Out enjoying the day.

Let me qualify the following statement by saying that we would rather be in the countryside enjoying some hiking solitude and mountain scenery... however, we really liked our week looking after Gus the dog at Cheryl's neighborhood in Kadikoy, Istanbul. 

And I mean, we were in the big city for a week, and didn't feel the need to go out exploring very much, although there were some things we wanted to see. That's okay... they can wait until next visit. 

The only downside is looking after a dog who lives in an apartment. There is no backyard to let him out to pee, so you have no choice but to actually take him out of the building four or five times a day. Anyway, minor detail. However it's something that we will consider with future house sitting opportunities.

Cheryl brought us back a nice bottle of wine from Georgia.

When she and Ahmet returned, Ruth and I were sitting out on the back deck playing backgammon. Ahmet's English is about the same as our Turkish, but he was pretty happy to see a backgammon board, and that doesn't require language skills! He was quick to issue a challenge!

Me against you!

The match is on!

And yes, Ahmet beat me. Turkiye 3, Canada 1. Someday, we will have a rematch!

Next up, our flight to Antalya!


And in Canada...

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