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Monday, April 22, 2024

We heard the very loud noise of low flying jet engines overhead!

I've started doing our tax returns. We always have to pay each year, so I never file until the last minute. The Canadian filing date is April 30th, so I've got a few days yet. I find it easier to do a little bit each day.

But because our income isn't very high by Canadian standards (in fact, we are considered poor!) we really don't pay very much in taxes. Most of what we end up paying is the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions because our income is considered self employed, so we have to pay both employer and employee portions. 

So it was just a lazy morning in the apartment. 

After lunch, we set out for a walk down to the western part of the Antalya coast. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and there were a lot of people out enjoying the day.

We were walking down a busy street when we heard the very loud noise of jet engines overhead! 

There were three to four story buildings on each side of the road, so not much of a view to the sky. I managed to catch a split second glimpse of what I thought were three fighter jets passing by very close to the ground.

We ended up at a more open area, and we heard them coming again. This time, I had the camera ready...

It turned out to be the Turkish Stars aerobatic team!

We found a suitable place to sit and wait to see if they came by again. It turns out that we got quite the show!

They drew a big heart in the sky.

We found out later that yesterday's viewing was just a practice run. Tuesday (tomorrow) is National Sovereignty and Children's Day here in Turkiye, and a public holiday. It turns out that the Turkish Stars will be performing a half hour show over Konyaaltı Beach which is about a 5 km (3 mile) one way walk from here. The show starts at 4:00pm, so now we have a plan for tomorrow's power walk!

Scenery along the way. The sea was much calmer than the day before!


And in Canada...


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    1. They were pretty neat to see and I think that Kevin got some more amazing pictures of them from the show we watched yesterday afternoon.


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