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Friday, April 19, 2024

We went for a long urban hike here in Antalya

We headed out at 10:30am to walk down to the Duden Waterfall. It's a long 9 km (5.6 mile) one way walk through the city of Antalya. But from the central area most of it follows the coastline, so it's really quite scenic.

Temperature was a pleasant 23C (73F), but it was a bit muggy with an odd fog in the air.

And it seemed pretty quiet out... not many people in the parks.

Ruth, trying to say hello to some kittens.

We think this old water park is still used in warmer weather.

We walked by the parking lot where we overnighted with Max in February of 2022.

Scenery along the way.

Some parts actually looked like a hiking trail!

These tourist boats regularly take people from the old town central marina to the waterfalls.

There are a lot of nice parks along the way.

Looking back the way we came.

Big Turkish flag.

A smaller waterfall. Not quite to the big one yet.

Some parts of our route were along the road. 
But at least there is a dedicated walking path, as there is for cyclists.

Duden Waterfall.

We finally made it to Duden Waterfall. We never stopped for a rest (other than taking photos), and it took us an hour and forty five minutes to do the 9 kms (5.6 miles) one way. 

We found a bench to sit on for a while and have a snack, then started heading back. We figured we would walk until we were done, and then take a taxi the rest of the way. But in true Kevin and Ruth fashion, we ended up walking the entire 18 kms (11.2 miles) and were back at the apartment by 2:15pm... pretty much exhausted! Step counter on the phone said 23,557!

Today is a planned day of rest, although I'm sure we'll get out for a stroll at some point.

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