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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

We love going to the local Turkish market

There are a lot of nice fruit and veggie shops in the area that we are staying here in the Kadikoy area of Istanbul, however it's always cheapest to get your supply at the local market. Unfortunately the nearest one is 2.5 kms (1.2 miles) away, and the main market only takes place on Tuesday... but yesterday was Tuesday!

So we walked over there to pick some things up.

Yes, it was another gorgeous sunny day.

Things sure are blue!

I wonder how old this building is...?

This is a huge weekly market.
Not a tourist in sight.

We bought some, but you have to shop around.

This guy sells socks!

The egg lady.

Dry goods.

And tons of clothing!

This is where we bought our strawberries!

The shop near us in the neighbourhood sells strawberries for 150 lira per kilo. As we entered the market, the first stall had them for a much cheaper 80 lira per kilo. We saw them at 100 lira as well. But then we started shopping around and found a couple of stalls that were 50 per kilo. Then 45... and finally 35 lira per kilo! That's $1.47 CAD per kilo, or $0.49 USD per pound!

 Artichoke hearts.

The cheese guy.

20 lira ($0.62 USD, $0.84 CAD) for a small one and 30 lira ($0.93 USD, $1.26 CAD for a large one.

This was our haul. And that is a kilo of strawberries.
Total cost was 91 lira ($2.82 USD, $3.83 CAD) for everything.

Gus is such a suck.

We're meeting fellow traveling friends for lunch today, and Cheryl arrives back this evening. Wow, time flies by quickly doesn't it? Only two more nights here and then we fly to Antalya early Friday morning.

Nice price drop on this Shark Robot Vac.

And in Canada...


  1. Always nice to eat healthy local produce

    1. Yes, it certainly is, especially when I am the one doing the cooking with them.


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