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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Doctor visit results

We don't normally talk about our health issues, unless they directly affect our travels. First of all, we really don't have any to speak of, other than the ones we've already written about and our regular readers know all about them. Ruth's gluten allergy (which isn't really an issue), my heart health, and our eye surgery back in December of 2020.

What brought us back to Antalya is a checkup with our ophthalmologist, but Ruth had another issue she wanted looked at.

She wasn't even sure what type of doctor to go to. She ended up making an appointment with a gynecologist. She scheduled the appointment for Monday at noon, so that's where we were yesterday.

Without getting into unnecessary detail, she has a minor prolapse. Seems that most women know what this is because its very common in women her age, and in her case it's all related to the childbirth process of years ago. The doctor did her exam, suggested a few things she can try to improve the situation, but said that it's not bad enough for surgery. We had visions of hysterectomy and recovery periods and all of that stuff, so at least that is put to rest for now. And, it doesn't affect her life or comfort, although she's supposed to avoid doing sit-ups when exercising, and lifting heavy items. 

So, all in all, we considered that to be overall good news.

Cost of the consultation and examination was 4,900 lira ($151 USD, $208 CAD) total.

Back at the apartment for the rest of the afternoon, then we were invited over to meet with some fellow travelers for happy hour.

We walked the 3.5 kms (2.2 miles) over to their rental apartment...

Antalya has lots of fountains.

Joan and Alan are staying in a huge 5 bedroom apartment! They found it through a church group here, and it belongs to an American family who are currently out of town. Of course it's far too big for just the two of them, but it does have a beautiful view from the 8th floor.

View over Antalya.

Linda and Sel showed up as well. We originally met them here in Antalya back in February of 2022, then again with our motorhome in Bulgaria as they also have a European motorhome. They are from Australia.

Kevin and Sel.

Alan and Kevin.

Linda and Joan.

Joan and Alan are 83 and 84 years old and still traveling full time. This gives us young folks motivation because it shows what is possible when you throw all the preconceived notions about "old" people out the window.

Sunset in Antalya.

Lots of fun chatting with them, and we'll probably see them all again since we have decided to stay here in Antalya until May 1st when we fly to Paris. More on that decision tomorrow!


And in Canada...


  1. Glad Ruth is ok>>>>never heard of >>>minor prolapse. Seems that most women know wha

    1. Thank you!

      I think what Kevin means by minor is that it is not advanced enough to need surgery and that it is a rectocele prolapse and not a prolapse of the whole pelvic region.

  2. Glad to hear it's nothing too serious, Ruth!

    1. Thank you!

      It is not serious at the moment providing I do the exercises to strengthen the muscles in that area so that I can prevent it from getting worse. I do have to keep an eye on things and I now know what to look for should it get worse and need to have surgery, hopefully I can prevent that.


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