View from our sixth floor apartment patio in Pogradec, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania .

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Gjyrokaster, Albania on October 6th.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Off to Red Pine Camp

So we are off to RPC (Red Pine Camp) today. This is a family camp that my parents brought us to. I first attended in 1964! And I worked up there in the summer of 1978. Ruth and I brought our children up to that camp, and our children brought their children.

Now, Ruth and I are bringing our grandchildren up there for the first time and giving Lindsey and Justin a break.

Ruth and I don't think we have spent the night up there since 2003. We've been up there for a couple of day visits, but not since 2015.

Yesterday, we took the kids to the park for a little while in the morning.

Sadie, walking Chester the dog.

Later in the afternoon, we went with the family to take Sadie to a youth Escape Room for her birthday. It's something the whole family can enjoy. 

Ruth, Kevin, Lindsey, Justin, Sadie, and Cameron.

The room was geared towards young teenagers, so it was a little tough for the kids, but they had fun anyhow and we helped them. But it was tough for us as well... we did not escape the room in the allotted 45 minutes time frame. We were so close though... we needed another half a minute and we would have been out!

Then, we went to the pub that Lindsey works at. 

We sat on the patio.

Group photo.
The lighting was not the best.

Speaking of photos, I have the camera all packaged up to send to the Nikon Repair Depot near Toronto. I had inquired about getting it looked at here in Ottawa, but half the places I looked at were going to send it to Nikon anyhow, and the others couldn't guarantee that they would get it repaired within the next six weeks. At least Nikon has quick turnaround time, although it will cost me the one way shipping just to get it looked at and a quote on repairs.

Anyhow, that's all for today... next post coming from Red Pine Camp!

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And in Canada...


  1. The Escape Room reminds me of the movie, "Cube". If you haven't seen it, it's a winner. I think it's on Netflix.

    1. Nope, we haven't watched that movie. Lindsey has Netflix so we will see if it is on there and watch it one evening. :-)


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