Max, parked for the night in Una National Park, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Una National Park, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Montenegro.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

More views of downtown Sydney

We relaxed for the morning because Ruth wanted to see the sunset from downtown on the other side of the Sydney Opera House. So we didn't leave the cottage until after lunch.

We figured that because it was a Saturday, the train wouldn't be very busy. And it wasn't busy at all... because it wasn't running!

I guess they were doing some maintenance or something on the rail line, and in fact it is closed all weekend. Instead, they put you on buses... and because of the inconvenience, they don't even charge you.

And, of course the bus is quite a bit slower than the train. So we arrived downtown a little later than planned, but we still had a good afternoon and evening.

Once again, we walked from Central Station (where the bus lets you off) to the harbourfront, but we took a little bit of a different route than yesterday.

The Downey Center.
It used to be a department store, but is now a courthouse!

The war memorial.

St. Mary's Cathedral.

The Sydney Tower Eye.

Entrance to the Royal Botanic Garden.

Ruth, getting a drink from the fountain.

A Birat Red Rhododendron.

The Royal Botanic Garden is huge, with lots of walking paths and it's right downtown. Oh, and it's totally free!

Oh, did I mention that it was another beautiful day?

There is a nice walking path that follows the waterfront around to the Navy docking area...

But then it was time to go back to the Sydney Opera House and get some different views from what we had seen the day before...

It was a busy area!
Lots of people about!



We didn't hang around much longer. We had a 4.0 km (2.7 mile) walk back to the bus stop, then almost an hour bus ride back to the cottage.

Tomorrow (Sunday), we head back downtown again, but this time we are going on some boat rides! Stay tuned... lots more Sydney photos coming your way tomorrow.

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  1. That Dusk picture is beautiful. Can't wait to see the pictures you get in Hawaii.

  2. Hawaii! That will be nice. We miss going there. It used to be reasonable flying from McAllen to Los Angeles and then to Maui. Things change. So much to see and do.

    1. Hawaii is somewhere that we have always wanted to visit but have just never made it there. We are looking for to our short visit, it will give us a little taste of the islands and then hopefully we will make it back there another time when we can really explore them properly. :-)


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