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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Have never seen so many whales!

What a great day we had.

It started off cloudy and cool, and it kind of deteriorated when the wind picked up as well. But the forecast still called for clearing skies so we drove over to the village of Currarong and the Abrahams Bosom Reserve Park where we planned to go for a hike.

This is the way the day started off...

Overcast, and starting to get windy.

We set of on our hike at around 10:30am, figuring we would be gone for a couple of hours and back in time for lunch.

Our first stop was the shipwreck of the S.S. Merimbula. A classy steamship that ran aground in 1928.

The Merimbula in 1928.

There's not much left of her now!

Amazing how the corrosion can make a ship like that almost disappear in 90 years!

Me, playing on the rocks!

Such odd rock formations.

At Wilson's Beach.

A few minutes later, we spotted our first whale of the day.

We waited around for a while but it didn't surface again.

A lantern banksia.

We took a side trail that was unmarked.
We think it was made for hobbits!

So up until now it's been at somebody else's risk??

Fantastic rock formations.

Kevin, checking out Gosangs Tunnel.

Yep, we're going for it!

I've already made it through, and here comes Ruth!

And this is the view when we crawled through.

It ended up on a high cliff.

Wow. Fantastic.

Ruth did the duck waddle going through the tunnel.
I simply crawled on my hands and knees!

Next, we made our way down to Mermaid Inlet...

Yes, you have to be careful!

Ruth, sticking close to the wall.

How long ago did those rocks fall?
Was it 20 years ago?
200 years ago?
Or maybe 2,000 years ago??

Someone we met later on the trail said that the water off these cliffs is very deep. In fact, he said that you could go deep sea fishing without ever needing a boat!

Ruth, watching for whales.

What a great spot.

And we were the only ones around!

Even though the wind kept up all day, eventually it became fairly sunny again.

View from the sea cave.

Those are some big cliffs!

We were staring out to sea when we saw a big splash...

It was pretty rough out there.

There were a bunch of different whales playing in the water! They were pretty far out, but close enough that even with the naked eye we saw at least one look like it completely left the water!

This one was very close to shore.


Ruth, looking for whales.

It was honestly hard to leave. We have never seen so many whales out playing.

Our planned two hour hike became three and a half hours and we had only brought a couple of mandarin oranges with us (as well as lots of water).

So we were a bit late getting back for lunch.

But what a great day we had!

Friday, we are headed inland again, this time to Kangaroo Valley and some waterfalls.

Autel Professional Automotive Scan Readers.  On deal of the day today.

And in Canada...


  1. Wow! You are way braver than I would be crawling through that tunnel and standing at the edge of the cliff. But what a great reward to doing it, seeing all those whales. What a trip!

    1. Lol, the tunnel begged to be crawled through. :-) It sort of felt like the James Bond movie where he comes out at the end of the tunnel and it goes straight down! Luckily there was a bit of a ledge that Kevin ventured out onto but I stuck close to the mouth of the cave, even that gave me the heebie jeebies.

      Watching the whales was amazing, we have never seen whales come out of the water like except in pictures.

  2. Wow what a day indeed. Love this rugged coast with whales :-)and you and Ruth exploring the area even the tunnel.

    1. It was a fantastic day, full of exploring which we love and being able the watch those whales was just the icing on the cake.

  3. The falling columns look like the Pillars of Hercules at the entrance to English Harbour, Antigua. Some have fallen, others are forming. This looks like your most scenic day in OZ.

    1. I think it looks a little different than the Pillars of Hercules, those ones actually look like pillars and are much smoother but it does look more like them once you are past the pillar part. These were very rough and layered. It was a fantastic site to see.

      It was definitely in amongst a couple of other days as our most scenic, I think it was definitely our most adventurous day though. :-)

  4. How exciting! I would have totally gone through the cave too -- what a rewarding view at the end. And all those whales. Amazing!

    1. I am sure you would have loved this hike Emily! It had a little bit of everything on it and seeing the whales was just an added bonus. :-)


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