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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Not every day you see six lions...

Another beautiful day here in Sydney, Australia. Sunshine, and a high of 21C (70F). Perfect.

We are staying in the suburb of Kogarah. We are located about 5 kms (3 miles) from the airport, and about 13 kms (8 miles) from the main downtown area.

We arrived here on Tuesday afternoon, but we haven't really had much time to explore the area. Much of Tuesday and Wednesday were spent getting the camper ready for the new owner. Washing the bedding, cleaning everything up, and moving all of our belongings into the cottage.

And, we've simply been relaxing and enjoying living in a bigger space for a change! Even though the cottage is tiny, it's a heck of a lot bigger than the camper was!

But Garry took off this morning with the camper, and so now we've got some time to go out and explore the city.

Today, we only walked from the cottage. We went down to the bay, and then along to the airport and watched the planes come and go. Then back through town.

The circus is in town!

We had seen some signs in the neighborhood advertising the circus. But we had no idea that the route we chose to walk to the bay went right through the park where the circus has set themselves up.

We thought maybe we would see some circus animals, so we went for a closer look.

Yep, there's the lions!

The six lions looked really healthy. 

They actually had a sign up explaining that the lions have all been born and bred in captivity here in Australia and are 14th generation here. It goes on to say that lions in the wild live to between 8 to 10 years, but these ones in the circus live 20 to 24 years. 

I guess it's okay to be a circus lion in Australia!

We continued on down to the bay.

At Lady Robinsons Beach.

Kogarah is a very multicultural area, and we kind of like it. Lots of ethnic restaurants, and some even reasonably priced.

I found some info online that says that out of all the people living in Kogarah, 2/3 of them were not born in Australia, and only 27% of them speak English at home.

Many are from China, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Greece.  (Greece? Yep, I thought that was odd too!)

We loved these old row houses.
They weren't in very good shape though.

Ruth, looking at the bay.

This big hippo was crawling out of the sewer!

The swimming area has shark fence around it!

Crab statues.

We walked back through town, and came across a sign...

The Kytherian Association?
What the heck is that??

So I had to look it up.

Remember earlier I mentioned there is a noticeable Greek population here? Well the Kytherians are from the Greek island of Kythira! 

Learn something new every day.

Back at the cottage, we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, and I even had a snooze!

We had been gone two and a half hours and did 10 kms (6.2 miles).

This was the approximate route we walked.

See how close we are to the airport? Only 5 kms (3 miles) to the terminal, so when we fly out of here on Monday, we will probably walk to the airport. Wouldn't be the first time we have done that!

On Friday, we are headed downtown. There is a lot to see and do in Sydney, and they're calling for another beautiful day!

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And in Canada...


  1. Try and get the train out to Katoomba for the day its a lovely trip up in the mountains

    1. As much as we would love to visit the Blue Mountains doing it just for a day would just be a big tease for us. It is high on our list of places to see here in Australia but if we are going to see it, we want to do it right and spend lots of time up there so this will just have to wait until we come back for another visit. There is still so much of Australia that we would like to see and we know that it will take many visits to be able to even attempt to accomplish that feat. :-)

  2. Love the lions sun bathing out in the open. I hate animals in captivity but I guess these lions have a good life.

    1. When we saw them in Africa that was all they seemed to do there as well, sleep! We agree, we don't like seeing them like that either but for these lions, they know of no other life and they do seem to be well looked after.

  3. Shark fence is a good idea to me. Never saw one of those before. I like all your photos.

    1. I agree but unfortunately sometimes dolphins, sharks and other big fish get caught in the nets that can harm or kill them. The sharks apparently are more abundant in the warm weather and have been sighted quite a bit in the bay area. I am not sure I would want to swim there even with the netting up.

  4. Ya think Rita, so PC trying to apply human intellectual ability to animals. Do you think they long for the days of fending off ticks fleas and flies covering them while they strive to feed themselves in the wild. More like I want to sleep eat or mate is the only thing running through captive animals minds. Glad to see animal rights hasn't ruin the circus in Australia

    1. These lions certainly wouldn't want the to live life in the wild but if you took one from the wild, I doubt it would be happy in captivity. We were actually surprised to see that they still let animals like lions appear in the circuses here in Australia because many of their rules and laws seem to mirror the US and even Canada for that matter, in many ways.

  5. Could I borrow the hippo photo for my blog? It is sooooo cool... will credit you with a link, of course...

    1. Sure you can post it in your blog, with a credit to us. :-)


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