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Monday, January 14, 2019

Really good day showing off the city of Puebla

We took the group into the city of Puebla yesterday.

Where Uber is available, we use it a lot in Mexico. The system works so well, and it's so cheap. We stood outside and three of us ordered Uber using our phones. Within five minutes, the rides showed up and took us right to the center of Puebla, about 14 kms (8.7 miles) away. Total cost per vehicle was about 125 pesos ($6.75 USD, $8.75 CAD). Divided by 4 people, that's a pretty cheap ride!

We got out at the historical center.

Still pretty quiet at 10:45am.

Another blue sky day.

Temperature high around 22C (72F), and low at night around 5C (41F).

Puebla is the 4th largest city in Mexico. It's a bit more upscale than many other cities, and I think that it's one of the more expensive places to live in Mexico.

There was some kind of protest going on in the zocalo (central plaza).

Sunday bike day!

Some of the downtown streets are closed to traffic on Sunday mornings.

We like Puebla!

Covered pedestrian mall.

Looking across to the cathedral.

The main cathedral is obviously busy on Sunday mornings and is not open to tourists. However, tourists are free to visit on Sundays after 3:00pm, so we made a plan to return then.

We stopped in at the tourist office to get some maps.

Lots of colorful and tiled buildings.

This bridge dates back to the 1700's, but no longer has any water running under it.

Scenery along the way.

Another street view in central Puebla.

We happened across a free concert.

Turn up your volume...

We found an inexpensive "comida casera" (home cooking) place for lunch.

Colorful market.

Puebla is famous for its Talavera tile, and a lot of buildings are decorated with it.

More scenery.

The gold Capilla del Rosario chapel in the Church of Santo Domingo.

Lots of people on the pedestrian mall.

We watched Michael Jackson perform!

By 3:00pm, the central plaza was busy!

The cathedral.

The beautiful organ.

Inside the cathedral.

This churro stand had a non stop lineup all day!

 The last stop we made was at a the Miniature Museum. Kind of a quirky stop where some guy has made a bunch of tiny dioramas displaying life in Mexico.

This is how big the box is.

And when I take a photo of it close up, it almost looks real.

Carved from a walnut?

Today is a relax day for the group. Again, we choose to relax by going for a long hike!

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And in Canada...


  1. Puebla looks so cosmopolitan, if you didn't know it was Mexico I would have said it was Europe.

    1. Puebla is a wonderful city and yes it is very modern in many ways, especially outside of the historical downtown area. It looks very European because it was a Spanish Colonial city when it was first built.

  2. Well, the bucket list just got longer again!

    1. Don't put that list away, I am sure you will be adding more places as we continue our journey through Mexico.

  3. Really enjoyed the historic section of Puebla. Would like to come back here someday! Thanks for the great pictures as usual!

    1. You have time today to go back and visit the historical section of Puebla. :-)

  4. Some really great pictures!
    I’m wondering if Michael sings in Spanish?
    Thank you, Thank you for this great trip.

    1. Thank you, it isn't hard to take beautiful pictures when you have such a choice of beautiful things to take pictures of. :-)

      Michael sang in English!

  5. Puebla looks beautiful. I'd love to spend some time there. thanks for taking us on a tour. Maybe I can join the group next go around.

    1. Puebla is beautiful. We love all the old buildings and the architecture along with the brick and tile work.

      We haven't decided yet if we will do another caravan but just like anyone else that might be interested you will have to keep your eyes open for a blog post in June.

  6. Replies
    1. He sang in English but spoke in Spanish. :-)

  7. I use Uber whenever possible. One glitch, many airports do not allow them to pick up passengers. I should say, it's not the airport but the agreement between the airport taxi concessions and the Policia Federal.

    1. Yes, we have heard that airports can be a problem. We love Uber and will never use another taxi again, either in Canada or the USA, not that we ever used them there to begin with.

  8. We adore Puebla. The story is it (as we know it) was the first and only city built by the Spaniards solely for recreational use back in the 1600s. The wealthy would go there and spend time in fancy houses, parks, churches, etc. Unfortunately it was built using indian slavery, and the natives didn't get to live there or enjoy it until the last 100 - 150 years. Sad, but a beautiful city. And once a week it closes off the main streets for bicycles, young and old people all getting good exercise and recreation.

    1. We can totally understand why you love Puebla! :-) And, no we didn't know all of the history of Puebla, we did know that it was a Spanish Colonial town but not that it was built for the rich and that the natives were not allowed here until 100-150 years ago.

      We were there on Sunday when some of the streets were closed so that people could enjoy bicycling or walking without having to worry about the traffic. Mexico City does the same thing. We love seeing everybody out and about enjoying themselves. :-)


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