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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Probably the cheapest lunch ever!

We love showing people parts of Mexico that they have never been to before. And since most Canadians and Americans stick to the touristy beach cities of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cancun, we're getting a lot of opportunity to show off some areas of Mexico that are off the typical tourist trail.

We are now in Cholula, which is essentially a suburb of the city of Puebla. And the city of Puebla is pretty much a suburb of greater Mexico City, except it is separated by two big volcanoes!

Check it out on a map...

So yesterday morning, we got the group into some Uber taxis and brought them to the central part of Cholula. 

There are a lot of churches in both Puebla and Cholula.

It is said that there are 365 churches in Puebla alone... one for each day of the year!

Look at that beautiful blue sky! Highs of around 22C (72F) and lows around 7C (45F). Perfect.

Cholula has yet another fantastic market in the central area. I didn't take many pictures because it was actually pretty dark in there and I didn't want to use the flash and draw attention to myself. Many locals (especially the indigenous) don't like being in a photo even if they are not the main subjects.

This market has lots of flower vendors, and lots of fruits and vegetables. It always amazes me that they can grow enough fruits and vegetables to feed the 130 million people in Mexico, yet there is never a shortage of produce, and it is so inexpensive.

Sorry for the blurriness... it was a 1/4 second shutter speed.

That beautiful flower arrangement sells for about 250 pesos ($13.50 USD, $17.50 CAD).

The Great Pyramid of Cholula.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the largest pyramid in the world... and yet it doesn't even look like a pyramid. That's because it is mostly left unrestored. Atop the pyramid sits a Spanish church, completed in 1666.

They have restored this section just to give you an idea of what lies beneath.

At the top are beautiful views.
You can see the Malinche Volcano in the distance.

Looking towards the city of Puebla.

Central Cholula.

Bob, enjoying the view from the top of the staircase.

Barry, Jeannie, Ruth, and Denise. Hat shopping.
Doesn't look like anybody needs a hat!

We found a little hole in the wall taco shop for lunch. Probably the cheapest lunch ever! Ruth and I each had a plate of Tacos Arabes, a Puebla specialty that has middle eastern roots. With a shared drink, the bill came to 35 pesos ($1.90 USD, $2.50 CAD) with tip included for the two of us. 

They were delicious, and everyone enjoyed them!

The meat roasting.

Yet another church.

At sunset, Ruth and I climbed up the water tower once again...

The church on top of the world's largest pyramid.

In the distance, I could zoom in on the glaciers covering the top of the Orizaba Volcano.
 108 kms (67 miles) away.
Yes, there is year round snow in Mexico. Especially at 18,500 feet!

Sunset and the Popocatépetl Volcano.

Today is a free day for people to relax as they choose. We choose to relax doing a hike this afternoon!

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And in Canada...


  1. Curious about what makes the tacos arabe middle eastern? As someone who lived in the middle east, one of my favorite soups is lentil, just lentils in a little stock, flavored with garlic, cloves, black pepper, and lemon. Those flavors always remind me of a souk somewhere.

    1. The origins of the tacos árabes are said to come from the Lebanese and/or Iraqi immigrants who migrated into Puebla, Mexico in the 1930s.

    2. correct Kevin:

  2. A delicious lunch in a pretty town, what's not to like? Good job on the photos.

  3. The cheapest tacos I had were 25 cents each cooked on stone slab right in front of you. They were the most delicious tacos ever...kept stopping by to have another one LOL This was on the streets of Mazatlán.

  4. I have learned so much from you!! Thanks

    1. You are welcome! It is our intent to try and help give people as much information about the places we go and the things we do, so that if they follow in our footsteps one day they will have an idea of what to expect. :-)

  5. Another fun day and a tasty lunch, now you can relax with a hike.

    1. Yep, we love our time here in Mexico! :-)

  6. I remember last years post about Cholula and the Pyramid and yet you have some different pictures. LOVE THIS BLOG? I keep telling people about my favourite blog. xx

    1. That's the neat thing about revisiting somewhere you have been before, you can see things at a different angle each and every time.

      We are so happy that you are enjoying our blog and all the adventures that we manage to have. :-)


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