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Friday, January 11, 2019

Driving day... Tepotzotlan to Cholula

Driving days are always interesting... you never quite know how smoothly things will go. Turns out that yesterday went pretty smooth, although there were a couple of minor glitches!

First thing we had to do was to top up the fuel. Mexico has been experiencing some fuel delivery problems, and there have been a lot of stations without any fuel at all. Usually, it's a very temporary situation.

But we were leaving from an area that is located very close to the Tula refinery. And so the stations in our area haven't been experiencing any problems. In fact, we ended up driving right by the refinery itself.

We pulled in to get fuel, and had no problems at all. The price at this particular station was pretty average at 19.06 pesos per liter ($1.32 CAD per liter, $3.77 USD per gallon).

Hazy start to the drive.

The day started off overcast and really hazy (smog?). But as we headed up to the Arco Norte toll road, things began to clear up.


On to the Arco Norte.

The Arco Norte toll highway opened in 2011 as a northern bypass around greater Mexico City. Despite the additional distance, it made sense to take this route. Tolls are not cheap... for Sherman, we paid 798 pesos ($43 USD, $56 CAD) to drive about 145 kms (90 miles) on the highway.

Good thing we filled up with fuel ahead of time. There are very few fuel stops, and very few rest stops on the Arco Norte!

Nopale cactus.

Scenery along the way.

The 17,000 ft high Iztaccíhuatl Volcano peaking it's head above the clouds.

We got to our exit at Cholula... and it was closed for reconstruction! With no alternate route. We got ourselves headed in the opposite direction of where we wanted to be going, and eventually came to a very busy intersection where we all managed to do a U-turn.

It's always an adventure in Mexico!

Heading in the proper direction now. 
The terrible road that we remember from last year is being repaired!

We watched the active Popocatépetl volcano give us a show!

We made really good time, and with our 7:30am start managed to pull into Trailer Park Las Americas at 12:30pm, with lots of time to enjoy the afternoon.

All parked up at Trailer Park Las Americas.

Trailer Park Las Americas is an odd place. They have about 25 sites for RV's. And a few homes are on the property, as well as a community building. It's like some kind of condo property. I haven't quite got it figured out.

It's a nice enough place though. Sewer and water hookups, and of course electricity too, although the electrical outlets are kind of sketchy and we don't plug into those if we don't have to. 

There is a nice swimming pool, although the water is chilly!

Paul, Lynnette, and Garth.
At happy hour we had a couple of rousing games of LCR.

At sunset, Ruth and I climbed the water tower to see if Popocatépetl was acting up again.

Nice view of the Spanish church built on top of the Great Pyramid of Cholula.

Popocatépetl volcano is quiet.

Today, we are bringing the group into Cholula to show them around.

Yesterday's drive. 236 kms (146 miles).

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  1. Hi, I am so intrigued by the local food you eat. How do you choose what is safe? We are traveling to Ecuador and Peru and will need to find some meals. We would like to avoid hotel or chain places. Thanks, Safe Travel Janie Ann

    1. We love eating the local food, especially going to the little mom and pop type of restaurants rather than the touristy type of restaurants. We have never been disappointed with these little types of places but we have been disappointed with the bigger touristy type restaurants where we have found that the food is often overpriced and only mediocre.

      The best way to find some of these little restaurants is to walk a block or two away from the central plaza area and to look for ones that are busy with lots of local Mexicans.

  2. Are my eyes getting more goofy?..I swear I see two Sherms in the group R.V. picture...Maybe Sherman has just found a new friend?...

    1. Nope, there is nothing wrong with your eyes! However there really is only one Sherman. The Sherman look alike is actually his younger sister, Serenity by 2 years. It is actually the first time that they have had a picture together where they are side by side.

  3. Can't ever remember a fuel shortage in Mexico. This one was purposely caused by the government to reduce and or stop the theft of fuel from the pipelines. Let's hope it is temporary but it has done more damage to the economy than anything else. It is still continuing in 11 states and we experienced it yesterday with lines as long as a mile and two abreast.

    1. So far we have been doing well with not having problems with the fuel problem here. We did see it in Valle de Bravo where the stations didn't have fuel for two full days but it luckily didn't impact us other than we had to wait a few days to get a propane truck out to us, and when it did come they would only allow each unit that needed the propane a $300 pesos limit. Our fingers are crossed that we won't come across any issues with the fuel as we had further south. Good thing we have a fairly flexible itinerary and can adjust it if need be. As you said, hopefully it is only temporary!


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