A nice start to the day at Lower Mazinaw Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Bought some more flight tickets!

Our regular readers will remember that we cancelled our plan to go to Newfoundland with the motorhome this summer when I bought us some cheap tickets to Australia. The Australia flights are from Calgary to Melbourne on May 16th.

Then, I bought us a couple of tickets from Ottawa to Calgary on May 8th. We will rent a car in Calgary and go back to Cabri, SK for a couple of days to visit. These tickets were on sale for $220 CAD each and I had enough Visa Travel Points to pay for them both.

But we still had to somehow make our way up to Ottawa for a visit with family and friends. We could have driven the motorhome... but it would have cost $1,000 worth of fuel, plus the wear and tear. So I had been keeping my eyes peeled for another cheap flight, and yesterday it appeared!

We're going to fly from Austin, Texas to Ottawa... for $169 CAD ($130 USD) each on April 19th. We will store Sherman for the summer somewhere around Austin, and collect him again in the fall sometime.

The only catch with the cheap airfare price...? It's a bit of a convoluted route!

How to get from Austin to Ottawa the hard way!

For $169 CAD each, we get to fly from Austin to Los Angeles, then Los Angeles to Calgary, then Calgary to Ottawa. We depart at 7:00am and arrive at midnight! But for the price... we'll do it! Besides, we love flying!

So now, the only thing left to figure out is what we will do when we arrive back in Calgary in mid August. Somehow, we eventually have to make our way back to Ottawa by mid September.

So... what did we do yesterday?

We took the group over to our Mexican friends place where Silvia and her girls made us pollo a la barbacoa.

The group at Silvia's house.

Belted kingfisher.

Leticia in the kitchen.

Ruth, Olivia, Mikayla, Leticia, Lynette.

 Sticking our feet in the river.

Making the chicken sauce.

Chicken ready to cook.

Silvia and Lynette.

Chicken and rice and tortillas.

The ladies.

One of the neighbor kids. This little guy is 4 months old. 
Look at that hair!

Enjoying the meal.

Mikayla having a nap in the hammock.

Sleeping soundly.

After supper, we walked down to the beach to the turtle release program.

There's the babies, ready to head to the ocean.

Funny little dudes.

I've got my three ready to go!

And they're off!

Lots of fun watching the little turtles scurry into the ocean.

Nothing official planned for today, until this evening when it looks like we're going to bio-luminescence tour to the lagoon.

Planters Mixed Nuts are on sale super cheap. This is the huge 56 oz container! Normally sells for $16 each. Buy three at the sale price to get free shipping.

And, the 6 Qt Instant Pot Duo Plus 60 is at a record low price!


  1. Bought the 3 cans of nuts! I 💛 them! 🥜🥜🥜

  2. My oldest son did the turtle release when we were there in early January, he really enjoyed it (not so much watching the seagulls pluck the little guys right out of the ocean for dinner!)

    1. We enjoyed it as well, but like your son not so much when the birds plucked them out of the water and there was nothing we could do to stop it. At least this way we have definitely increased the odds of their survival compared to them trying to make it all the way to the ocean themselves from where their mother's would have buried the eggs.

  3. Love flying? I hate flying, love driving. Don't like airports, airlines, hotels, and get burned out on restaurants pretty quickly. Love backroads, deserts, mountains, and seashores, my own bed and mostly my own food. That's a big reason I love our RV.

  4. I would love to do a turtle release-we missed it when we were in Ixtapa by a few days as they only do it a couple times a month. I am interested to see what your bioluminesence tour turns out like, would love to do that!

    1. I am not sure how often they do the turtle release here, I guess it depends on how many turtle eggs they have that hatch. It seems like they definitely had lots of them. We really enjoyed seeing it the natural way though, however by them doing it this way, it is increasing the odds of survival of these little guys.

      Kevin will have the report up about the tour soon. :-)

  5. HAHA on that Austin-Ottawa flight!

    1. I know, the things we do to say money on our ticket price!

  6. Yep, cheap flights tend to take you by the way side. I once bought a cheap flight to Cancun from Phoenix. I tried going through Houston but no dice. My flight took me north to San Francisco and back down to Mexico. It took all night and a turbulent flight at that. I didn't sleep and saw the sun rise flying over the Gulf of Mexico. Yuk!

    1. Not always, we have had more cheap flights that have been fairly direct and only a few that take a roundabout way. We have lots of time and aren't in a rush so we are quite happy to save the bucks. :-)

  7. Enjoy being an "armchair traveler" with the two of you. Great reading the blog posts about the caravan adventures. Am happy I found your [email protected]

    1. I am glad that you are enjoying the blog and our posts of this caravan tour. We are certainly having a fun time and seeing some great stuff down here. :-)

  8. What an awesome day! Can't wait to see the bio-luminescence pictures.

    1. Not sure you will see any pictures of the bio-luminescence as it is very very difficult to capture but is was still a wonderful experience.

  9. If you aren't in a rush it's easy to find good deals in airfare going what they typically call the "milk run". I don't like flying enough to handle the up/down too many times but I suppose for the right price I could overlook my issues with taking off and landing :) Too bad you don't have a stop in Vancouver!

    1. Not necessarily. Often, the good deals are not milk runs. But when they are, you can't be choosy.


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