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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Long drive to the coast

We've been in Mexico for just over 7 weeks and we finally made it to the Pacific Ocean. We're going to spend the next three weeks or so having some beach time as we make our way up to Zihuatanejo before heading inland again.

But it was a bit of a drive to get here!

There's no easy way to get from Oaxaca City to Huatulco...

Yesterday's drive, 381 kms (237 miles).

There are a couple of shorter routes, but the roads are actually worse and the time spent behind the wheel is the same. They've been trying to build a toll highway from Oaxaca to the coast for probably ten years (and they have some of it built), but indigenous land problems remain unresolved.

And the other problem is, there's no worthwhile place to stop along the way. Sure, we could have stopped early and parked overnight in a dusty, noisy, gas station parking lot with no shade. But that's not our style. And if there is still enough daylight to arrive safely, why give up a day at the beach?

But, it was a long day.

We left Oaxaca Campground at 8:00am on the nose. We took a half hour bathroom break and fuel stop at 10:30am, and another half hour for lunch at 1:30pm. Otherwise, we were behind the wheel navigating the curvy roads through the mountains and along the coast. We arrived at the Tangolunda Campground at 4:30pm.

Fields of agave for mezcal production.

There are lots of "artisan" mezcal producers. 
These are the hearts of the agave plant that are then crushed and cooked.

Just a narrow two lane road.

Beautiful scenery along the way.

Fortunately, not a lot of traffic.

Lots of cactus though!


More agave fields.

A village along the way.

More scenery.

Stopped for lunch at the toll booth.
We had one short (22 km) section of toll highway.

Along highway 200 at the coast.

People cooling off at the river.

We pulled into the campground, to find that we are the only ones here! I think Roberto the caretaker was happy to see us! We'll tell you a little more about this place tomorrow.

This morning, at Playa Tangolunda Campground, Huatulco.

Nothing official planned for today. Figuring people need some beach time after yesterday's long drive. And, we will probably make a run to the Chedraui grocery store 5 kms (3 miles) away.

Lots of very different puzzles on Deal of the Day today!

And in Canada...


  1. I love your posts , I hope we can do this in a few years. we just upgraded from a travel trailer to a 35ft 5th wheel and diesel dually ,, but I see that everyone in your group has a shorter driver . Will my setup limit my travels??? Are you all running gas motors ?? Thanks , and keep the posts coming. Andy

    1. In Mexico a longer rig will definitely limit your travels. You will still get to some places but not to others. When traveling in Mexico we think shorter is better, in our opinion but if you are planning on sticking to toll roads and RV parks along the coast then you will most likely not have a big problem. On this particular trip it was just a coincidence that everyone had a motorhome, and that they are all gas.

  2. I recommend visiting Sam and his awesome dog Loki at Europa Gallery. We brought four kids there and he was so patient and engaging. And really, Loki is an attraction all on his own!

    1. Thanks Janis, if we happen to be walking by we might just drop in but we won't go out of our way to do it. There is already lots to do in this area. :-)

  3. That awesome sun sunrise could easily be the sunset too! Great shot!

    1. Are you just trying to make up for not getting up in time to see a sunrise, lol! ;-)

  4. We are starting to talk about doing the Mexico trip next year. Not your type of trip but a good one to start with. You are right that to do what you are doing requires a smaller rig and that thought has been discussed over supper as well! You certainly inspire us to get on with it. Thanks and safe travels.

    1. Good to hear that we have you thinking about driving down to Mexico. If you stick to the toll roads and go down the Pacific coast you really shouldn't have any issues with your size of rig, lots of people do it. You are only restricting yourself if you want to get off the beaten path and explore the little towns and villages and places further inland.


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