The main beach at Vlorë, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Vlorë, Albania.

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Snorkeling day at Playa la Entrega

Yesterday morning, eight of us hopped in two taxis to head to the other side of La Crucecita to one of the best snorkeling beaches in Mexico... Playa la Entrega.

It's located on a very calm bay with a reef so there is always lots of sea life. Strangely, it's a very "Mexican" beach and not that many gringos go there. Quite a change from Playa Tangolunda where it is mostly white people due to the three all inclusive resorts.

We arrived at about 10:00am, nice and early so that we had no problem choosing some seats in the shade at one of the palapa restaurants.

When we arrived, there was some kind of school group having an activity day.

Water taxis and fishing boats.

Playa la Entrega.

Bob, Garth, and Paul.
The girls went out snorkeling.

Ruth took our little underwater camera.

After snorkeling, we walked up the hill to el Faro... the lighthouse. Ruth and I had stayed up here in the motorhome back in 2011 when our son Alex had come to visit. Strangely, the small hotel that was being built up there has been just left to deteriorate.

Beautiful view looking up the coast.

And, back the other way.

Today, we are going into the town of La Crucecita for lunch. We know of a roast chicken place that is reasonably priced and popular with the locals.

But first, before it gets too warm... a bike ride!

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  1. Beautiful pictures by the little underwater camera Ruth! Nice memories of the fishes and stingray. It is a lovely small beach indeed.

    1. Thank you Lynnette! That is definitely one of our most favourite beaches, especially for snorkeling. :-)

  2. Great pictures! Just got back from Mexico last night and I was shoveling snow at the car wash today. Had a blast and wish I could have stayed longer. Two thumbs up for Valladolid and Ek Balam ruins. We tried for the first time an underwater case for the phone and it worked very well for pictures. Unfortunately it seems efforts by the Mexican government to preserve and protect the reef and National marine park are being undermined. I received a used wristband to snorkel tour the reef and had it removed carefully at the end to sell to the next tourist. None of this money ends up where it belongs and it is very evident to me from my visit two years ago when the reef was much more alive. Saw a huge lobster and still much better than snow. Enjoying your trip from the great white North!

    1. Thanks Scott!

      Glad you had a great time in Mexico, sorry that you had to come back to snow though. I guess you need to stay down here a little longer! ;-)

      It's a shame that they can't regulate the area a little more. Playa La Entrega, got hit bad with a storm last October and it ruined some of the reef but it is still beautiful to see all the fish. I thought that I was really lucky to see that stingray.

  3. Beautiful pictures while snorkelling. What underwater camera do you use?

    1. Thank you! Our little camera is a Fujifilm Finepix XP80 and waterproof up to 50ft. It doesn't have a great zoom on it but it does not bad.

  4. What a gorgeous Leopard Ray (correct?)

    1. No, I don't believe it is a leopard ray. I am pretty sure that it is a spotted eagle ray or possibly a Pacific white spotted eagle ray to be even more exact but not 100% sure.

    2. Oh yes! Spotted Eagle Ray. So exotic!

  5. Beautiful blue water and love the underwater pictures!

    1. Yes, the water is a beautiful colour and a gorgeous temperature too! Glad you enjoyed the underwater pictures. :-)


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