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Sunday, January 6, 2019

The best way to see a city is by walking

There is a lot to see in the downtown area of Mexico City, and there are many ways of getting around. Taxis are inexpensive, and Uber works well and is even cheaper. The metro buses, the subway (underground) shared bicycles, shared electric scooters... transportation for everyone!

But we choose to walk. Although... the shared electric scooters look like fun!

We went down to the hotel restaurant to meet the group for an 8:00am breakfast. No time for sleeping in when there is so much to see! Then we met out front at 9:00am and we called a couple of Uber taxis to take the group to the National Museum of Anthropology. Ruth and I have been there twice before, so we didn't need to go again. We arranged to meet them again at 12:30pm for lunch.

And we set off walking...

Old statue in modern Mexico City.

Hmm. Okay.

Mexico City has lots of modern skyscrapers.

The new BBVA Bancomer Building.

We went into the lobby of several of these buildings and asked security about a view from the top. But with no success.

This skyscraper used the original old building at it's base.

Old incorporated into new.

We made our way to the huge Chapultepec Park. I misspoke yesterday when I compared the much smaller Alameda Park to New York's Central Park. It's actually more accurate to say that Chapultepec Park in like Central Park!

Monument with Chapultepec Castle in the background.

While the rest of the group was at the Anthropology Museum, Ruth and I wanted to do something new. So we went to the National Museum of History that is housed in Chapultepec Castle.

Ruth, at Chapultepec Castle. 

In the fancy stairway.

One of the exhibit rooms.

Mural of Mexico's history.

One of the original Mexican flags.

Nice view of the city from the castle. 

Statue at the castle.


Royal Carriage made in Italy.

The dining room.

View of Avenue Reforma.

The lounge.

Fancy bathtub!

The caste was actually the home of a few different Mexican presidents until 1939 when President Lazaro Cardenes turned it into a museum.

We met the rest of the group for lunch near the Anthropology Museum, and just after we met, the Papantla Flyers were doing their show just outside the museum grounds.

Papantla Flyers.

Ruth and I knew of a spot to have lunch. They serve really good huaraches at the outdoor street food restaurants in Chapultepec Park. Inexpensive, tasty, and filling!

Ruth had the carne asada and queso.

I had the pollo tinga.

Delicious, and only 50 pesos ($2.50 USD, $3.50 CAD).

We set the group up with some things to do for the afternoon, and Ruth and I walked back to the hotel for a nap. Along the way, a shoeshine guy joked about shining my shoes. I'm wearing running shoes! But, he says he can clean them, and I let him. I know it's inexpensive He tried to tourist scam me, as he was doing it he said it was only 160 pesos! I let that slide, and allowed him to finish. I noticed that he spent about five minutes on the first shoe, and then only about two minutes on the second shoe. As he put his stuff away, I mentioned that to him. He quickly said "oh, I'm not finished yet", and got his stuff out again for another minutes worth of work!

They actually are a lot cleaner. I figured I would play him with his 160 pesos shoeshine scam, and I reached in my pocket and handed him 20 pesos. He immediately says "hey, that normally costs 45 pesos". I gave him another 8 pesos (my last bit of change) and he pocketed it and walked away. I probably still overpaid, but I sure had clean running shoes!

We arranged to meet the group at the Cafe Tabuca restaurant downtown for dinner at 6:30pm. Ruth and I have been there before, and it's decent. 

At Cafe Tabuca.

It's a bit pricey, but the food was delicious and we think everyone enjoyed their meal. A refreshing change from the last two pricier restaurants we have been in. We would return to this restaurant, especially for the specialty "echilladas Tabuca". Delicious. We had three meals out yesterday and they were all good!

Busy day! Ruth and I figure we walked over 20 kms, although I didn't keep track officially. And my Samsung phone sent me a message saying we did a record 29,000 steps, although I don't keep track of them on a regular basis either.

Last day in Mexico City is today, although the minibus doesn't come to pick us up until 4:00pm, so we've still got most of the day to do some more exploring.

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And in Canada...


  1. Marvelous blog post! I'd like to get there myself someday, but in the meantime your pictures and commentary will be my armchair travel. So much to see in a big city like that. We're enjoying our trip with you!

    1. Thank you Carol! We are glad that you are enjoying our travels from your armchair and one of the purposes of our blog is to try and entice people to get out and explore some of these fantastic locations themselves. We certainly hope that you will be able to make it to Mexico City yourself one day. :-)

  2. Nice pictures. The Scammer certainly did not expect to be the one who got Scammed.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you! I don't think he was scammed, he got money that he wouldn't have had to start with and I think that was all he wanted, it was us that got scammed but at least it wasn't for much and now Kevin has clean hikers! :-)

  3. How's the air? Last time I was there (35 years) it was pretty eye-burning.

    1. Not too bad! Saturday it was definitely smoggy but on Sunday it was quite clear. When you are walking around you don't notice it, it is only when you get up a little higher that you can actually see it hanging over the city.

  4. I'm surprised you didn't try out the flyer's pole, after the way you like to immerse yourselves in the Mexican culture. :cD

    1. Nah, Kevin figured he didn't want to show the professionals up, that and the fact that they didn't have costume tall enough for him! ! :-P

  5. The minimum wage in Mexico just rose to 103 pesos (US$5.30) per DAY. So even your 28 pesos---for 8 minutes of work---was pretty darn generous! :)

    1. That may be what the minimum wage is in Mexico but it is rare that anyone actually makes minimum wage! I think these shoe shine guys do quite well over the course of a day.

  6. What a great city and I'm sure the group was surprised and in awe, at least I hope so.

    1. We didn't hear anyone in the group complain about their three days in Mexico other than they were tired by the end of it. We really gave them a work out, they loved it the city! :-)


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