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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Into The Big Tamale - Mexico City!

A minibus arrived at Pepe's Hotel and RV park just after 10:00am Friday to take nine of our group into Mexico City. We all piled in, and it was sure nice to have someone else do the driving in the busy city traffic.

Mexico City is huge. They say that the metropolitan area  is around 21 million people, but they're probably off by a million or two either way. How could they count that many people all squeezed into such a small area?

We chose a hotel that is walking distance to the historical center. We're at the Hotel Premier, and we paid 1,000 pesos ($52 USD, $70 CAD) per night for our two night stay with breakfast included.

Glad someone else is driving!

Check in wasn't until 3:00pm, but the hotel stored our bags, and we were soon walking towards the center. Ruth and I have been in downtown Mexico City four or five times before so we're pretty familiar with being able to show the group the highlights.

Outside the historical area is very modern.

Reminds us of the Flat Iron building in New York City.

Mounted Police in Alameda Park 
(Mexico City's equivalent of New York's Central Park)

Mounted Police.

Check out the blue sky!

At the eastern end of the park is the Palacio de Bellas Artes. It houses a big theater and art museum. It's such a beautiful building, and we learned a few years ago that the best photo of the building is taken from the Sears store directly across the street.

Beautiful Palacio de Bellas Artes.

By now, it was after 12:30pm and time for some lunch. One of our group wanted to go to the popular Sanborns Restaurant. It's in a beautiful building, and the lunches are a bit pricey, but we went for it.

The beautiful lower dining room was full, so we had to go upstairs.

From left, Roy, Susan, Lynnette, Paul, Ruth, Brian, Kathy, Wendy.

And again, like the expensive restaurant we went to in Valle de Bravo, the meal was just "okay". I think in the future we will stick to the smaller hole in the wall joints and street food stands. After all, Mexico City has some of the best street food in the world! At least I was full!

After lunch, Lynette and Paul went their own way and we took the remaining five (plus us) to the main Post Office building, and then to the main cathedral and zocalo.

The post office was extra busy because of a Three Kings Day thing they were doing.

The National Art Museum.

Lots of old churches in the historical center.

He ruled this area in the 1400's before the Spanish came.

Lots of people out on a Friday afternoon.

Mexico City Cathedral.

There are always native dance displays going on beside the cathedral. 

It's just a little busy!

Inside the cathedral.

Three of our group decided to take a taxi back to the hotel, while two others hopped on the Hop on - Hop off Turibus.

Ruth and I walked back to the hotel on our own, taking a bit of a different route for a change.

Chinatown in Mexico City.

Clock Tower.

We got checked into our room, and I had a nap while Ruth caught up on some computer stuff. We decided we were all on our own for dinner, but we weren't really that hungry until later, so we went out after dark and wandered around.

This tower is lit up like a Christmas tree!
Or is it a rocket to outer space?

This toy market was busy with deals for Three Kings Day January 6th.

Some kind of monument.

Downtown business district all lit up.

Merry Christmas!

The Angel of Independence Monument.

We still weren't that hungry, but decided on a couple of cups of corn. Not just plain corn... they put hot boiled corn into a cup, and then put mayonnaise, shredded cheese, lime, and chili powder on it. 

Delicious! Just what we needed for supper!

Slept fine, and today we are off the the Templo Mayor archaeological site, and then afterwards to Chapultepec Park and the Anthropology Museum. Going to be lots of walking again, but walking is the best way to see the city!

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And in Canada...


  1. Lots of sites to see in a big city , glad you are enjoying it.

    1. Definitely lots to see! It would take weeks to see most of the main attractions in Mexico City but it is nice to show the group a few of the major ones.

  2. Great tour! It's the same here in Mazatlan..small restaurants that the locals frequent are reliably better than flashy touristy ones.

    1. We think it is the same throughout Mexico. We really love the mom and pop places the best.

  3. Oh, I hope somebody went to the Palacio National to see the Diego Rivera murals. They by themselves are a reason to visit CDMX.

    1. We are hoping to be able to get in there today, we will see. Kevin and I have both been in there before and although we think it is beautiful and interesting it wouldn't be our main reason for visiting Mexico City. One couple in our group did go and see the Diego Rivera Museum though.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, more or less! It was delicious. :-)


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