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Friday, January 4, 2019

Traffic jam!

Yesterday was a driving day as we made our way from Valle de Bravo to Tepotzatlan. Ruth and I have been on most of these roads before at some time or another, but never this particular route all in one day.

There is no easy way to get 8 motorhomes from Valle de Bravo to Tepotzotlan.

And, you have to worry about Mexico City's "hoy no circula" rules... the air quality program that reduces traffic in and around Mexico City. Essentially, the program restricts your driving to six days a week. That one day you can't drive your vehicle depends on the last digit of your licence plate.

Here was our route yesterday...

Yesterday's drive, 202 kms (125 miles).

Our goal is always to arrive at our destination by 2:00pm, so we made our planned departure for 8:30am.

I had gone over our route with our friend Paco, and I agreed with him that we should take the cuota (toll highways) most of the way. Often, we will take the free roads, but if we had done that yesterday it would have taken too much time. You have to weigh the cost versus the convenience.

Our total tolls paid were 640 pesos ($33 USD, $44 CAD).

Fiery sunrise at Valle de Bravo.

We all made it out of Chago's marina at 8:30am, and through the already busy town of El Arco. Then, a 9km drive to the Valle de Bravo - Toluca toll road.

Scenery along the way.

At least the roads were in overall good condition.

More scenery.

We passed by the 15,000 ft high Toluca Volcano.

Follow the leader!

Another good road.

We made a gasoline stop, but it was a really busy station and not everybody got served. It was just too difficult to maneuver. So we had to stop at another station a little further on. We probably spent 45 minutes in total trying to get five rigs fueled up!

Then later, we stopped for a 45 minute lunch break. 

We arrived in Tepotzotlan right on schedule, but we also stopped at the big Bodega Aurerra store to do some stocking up for those that needed to.

After that, it was a short 2 km (1.3 mile) drive through town to the RV park.

However, note that I said "through town"!

It's a little congested in Tepotzotlan, and the RV park is not easy to get to. You pretty much go right through the central area, and that actually went well. But we got to a part where there was only room for one way traffic due to cars parked at the side of the road. I had already started going through when I saw a water tanker coming my way. He should have stopped, but he didn't. Eventually, it became a stalemate!

Unfortunately, there was too much going on and Ruth didn't take a photo of the situation. So here's me with 7 rigs behind me, and the water tanker truck stopped with vehicles starting to pile up behind him. he was a bit of a dumbass, and not very good at backing up, which he had to eventually do.

Meanwhile, I came within a half an inch of scraping up against a car to the right of me. People came out to confirm that I did not hit the vehicle, although it sure came close! 

What a circus!

And a prime example of why smaller is better when RV'ing in Mexico!

Eventually three of us made it through and another couple of hundred meters to Pepe's Hotel and RV Park where they had the gates open for us because I had called them from the grocery store.

I ran back to the entrance to guide the rest of them in, but they were nowhere to be seen. They were still stuck at that narrow section! I just stood and waited. They were all patient and made it through unscathed.

Got everybody parked up, and said hello to Edith and the workers here. They remembered Ruth and I because we had only been here back in January of last year.

I asked if Señor Pepe (the owner) was here. 

Edith had a bit of a glazed look on her face, and sadly, I was told that her father, Señor Pepe passed away only last month!

I had only met him during our stay here last year, but he was an enthusiastic, welcoming man. I was sad that he was gone.

But Edith says she will be continuing her father's welcoming traditions here in Tepotzotlan and the RV park will maintain operations as normal as can be under the circumstances.

It's a nice spot, once you get here!

The propane truck arrived at 8am this morning to fill us all up!

We are staying here for 7 nights. Today, 9 of us are heading into the big tamale, Mexico City, for a two night visit!

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And in Canada...


  1. The picture of that sunrise is spectacular. Glad everyone made it safely to the RV park.

    1. The sunrise was a nice send off for us! We really enjoyed our time in Valle de Bravo. We are happy that everyone made it into the park with only that small delay.

  2. Beautiful Scenery but can understand your frustration with the Water Truck.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was a beautiful drive, we love that kind of scenery.

      We just chalk up the water truck to "that's Mexico for you" and then we just deal with it. :-)

  3. I wish I liked driving in el Estado de Mexico. Best to take the autopista. Great sunrise!

    1. When you have a group of eight motorhomes we tend to agree with you but the one main free road we took, MEX-11 was really pretty decent and cut out a nice chunk of the Arco Norte that we didn't need to do, so it saved us money on tolls and gas. :-)

  4. I bet everyone needed cocktail hour that day after that drive through town lol

    1. You got that right, although we were all pretty much laughing about it by then! :-)


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