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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Valley of Fires and on to Roswell, New Mexico

We ended up doing a little more distance than originally planned. We had totally forgot about Thanksgiving Thursday being a holiday here in the U.S., and we had planned on visiting Carlsbad Caverns on Thursday. So the choice was to do that either Wednesday (today) or Friday.

But Friday is Black Friday and I have some work to do that day on my Facebook Amazon Deals Group. So we need to get to Carlsbad Caverns today!

That meant we had to drive a little more to get to Roswell, New Mexico yesterday. Why are we in Roswell? To see the aliens, of course!

The International U.F.O. Museum and Research Center opens at 9:00am this morning, and that's where we will be at that time! When we are done with the museum, we will carry on the Carlsbad Caverns and see the caves this afternoon. Then, in to Texas.

We did 153 miles (245 kms) yesterday.

The highlight of yesterday's journey was a stop at the Valley of Fires Recreation Area. This is where a flow of lava ended up covering an area 45 miles long by 5 miles wide. It happened about 5,000 years ago.

Looking out at the lav field.

Interesting plants live here.

They have a nice paved walking path that goes for about a mile (1.6 kms) into the lava field. Lots of descriptive signs, and you can pick up a free walking path guide from the nice folks in the visitors center.

So, we set off to explore!

Ruth, learning all there is to know about lava!

It sure makes some interesting designs.

Worth a stop.

Then, we drove to Roswell. One stretch of really poor road, and then one stretch of brand new road to make up for it!

Near Valley of Fires.

Scenery along the way.

Through a few mountains.

Graffiti rock.

New Mexico scenery.

Old adobe building.

No great free camping really close to Roswell, and we wanted somewhere close to the U.F.O museum, so we ended up at the Roswell Home Depot. I know, it's only a step above Walmart, but at least it isn't Walmart. No other RVs here but us. Fast free wifi.

We will top up the gas tank here at $2.36 USD a gallon ($0.83 CAD per liter) and that should get us to Uvalde, Texas where the price is even cheaper.

Black Friday week continues...

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And in Canada...


  1. Sounds like some busy days ahead for you! The lava flow is pretty neat, weird that after 5000 years you can still see it so clearly, would have thought it would have been buried.

    1. Well one day is definitely going to be a busy one the others will be busy but in a different way, at least for those days we will be stay put more or less.

      Lava is very, very hard and being in the desert to top it off means that only the hardiest of plants even attempt to grow here. I don't know if that area will ever be buried under.

  2. The last time I was in Fire Valley there were no paved trails of anykind. One lookout stop was available back then. Curious to see if Carlsbad Cavern has changed at all. I heard it's really developed now. Safe travels.

    1. I guess it was quite a while ago that you were here because it looks like the path has been here for quite a long time.

      We don't no what it was like before but we sure enjoyed the our short time there.

  3. You are making good time, enjoy the Aliens and of course the Caverns are a very interesting site to see. Ee have seen gas in Texas for $1.99 you might be able to find some along the way.

    1. Thanks George, we definitely enjoyed both attractions.

      Kevin has seen it down that low in Texas too on Gas Buddy but unfortunately none of the stations are on our route.

  4. Hope you had fun learning how the Government covered up the UFO crash and sighting even going to great lengths to discredit prominent witnesses.
    Visiting Carlsbad the trip down the Natural Entrance is beautiful but if you are in a rush use the Elevator. You will be in Awe once inside the Big Room.
    Making Good Time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I wonder if we will ever know the truth about what happened in Roswell. Not sure why they still need to keep it all secret after all this time.

      Yes, it was a fantastic hike down and we would also have hiked back up but we weren't able to meet the deadline for hiking back out. The caverns are amazing!

  5. Roswell was a bummer. However, they have one of the best art museums I have seen. That was the highlight for us.

    1. We didn't really see enough of Roswell but what we did see was enough, we don't need to go back for another visit.

  6. We enjoyed touring Valley of Fires, spent a few (WINDY) nights at the park, and then went alien shopping at Roswell, also. NM offers some interesting sights.

    1. We enjoyed it too as well as a few of the New Mexico treats, one being the Roswell Museum and the other being Carlsbad Caverns. :-)


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