Out for a walk beside the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading to Nova Scotia around August 1st.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

We finally got a 100 mile drive done!

We actually got the required number of miles logged yesterday, despite the fact that we didn't really get going until almost 11:00am.

We have to be in Mission, Texas around the 28th of this month. That means, we're trying to do at least 100 miles (160 kms) a day on average. And even at that, we know there will have to be some longer days because we will want to have some rest days too!

Anyhow, we left the casino in Florence and our first stop was the gas station. For some reason, Florence has almost the cheapest gas in Oregon, at $3.09 USD a gallon ($1.08 CAD per liter). And of course the price of fuel will go up once we hit California, so even though we didn't really need fuel, we topped up the tank there.

Next stop was the grocery store. We needed some milk in order to have breakfast. But then we didn't want to have breakfast in the grocery store parking lot... with the number of scenic viewpoints along the 101 we figured we could find something better, and we did.

But then by the time we had breakfast and got going, it was almost 11:00am!

It's a good thing we don't travel with kids. Can you imagine how much longer it would take us to get going! There must be lots of tips for RVing with kids available to speed things up.

We drove a few miles, and then stopped at the Oregon Dunes...

Notice the color of the sky. 
Yes, we are having nice weather!

On the trail to the sand dunes.

Feels like we're back in Morocco!

Us, and the sand.

We put on a few more miles, and I spotted a sign advertising propane for $1.85 USD per gallon ($0.64 CAD per liter). There is a wide price range on propane, and if you can get it for under $2.00 a gallon you're doing pretty good. It was actually even cheaper than $1.85 ($1.67, I think) up in Washington, but we didn't really need any then. If you're paying more than $2.50, you're being ripped off. Although I realize there are areas where you can't get it for less than that. The markup on propane is huge.

Anyhow, we were just over 1/4 tank so we topped up the propane with 10.8 gallons for $20 USD  ($26.80 CAD).

Scenery along the way.

One of our readers mentioned that we should stop in Winchester Bay... so we did!

There are lots of chainsaw carvings at the marina here.
Amazing stuff!

The nice day continues.

The marina.

The fishing fleet.

This is a campground!

You get a marked off parking lot space and a picnic table... for $17 USD ($22.50 CAD). No thanks. I think we can do better! They did also have a few sites on grass by the water that were a little nicer. But we needed to do a bit more driving.

Next stop was in Bandon at Face Rock State Scenic Area. Again, recommended by one of our readers.

Big bridge to go over.

Yep, the coastline around Bandon is interesting.

We were lucky to get there at low tide.

Lots of interesting rock formations.

It was a bit windy at this area.

We went for a walk down on the beach.

Lots of interesting tunnels to explore!


More rocks.

Lots of marine tidal pool life around the base of this one rock.

I wasn't even trying to take a photo of this bird!

Lost of star fish.

Actually, they don't call them star fish any more. When we were kids that's what we were taught. But apparently they call them sea stars now. Okay, whatever. 

Sea stars.

Never seen so many!

Almost sunset... better get going!

I had seen a site marked on iOverlander just north of Port Orford. One review specifically said there were no signs saying you couldn't overnight there. But we got there to find this...

To me, that's pretty clear.

But many people might think that means "no tent camping". So, you would be fine sleeping in your RV. For us, we are not willing to take the chance of being woken at 2:00am and being told to move on. I do agree, that in many instances the signage need to be more specific.

So we moved into Port Orford where the Port itself has an overnight parking area set aside for RVs. And, it gives you a fantastic view of the sea... all for $10 USD ($13.25 CAD).


View from our front windshield.

Had a great sleep, and today we are off to... California! The border is only 62 miles (100 kms) south of us.

Yesterday's drive, 100 miles (160 kms).


And in Canada...


  1. My former brother-in-law in Bandon (retired Army) works part time for a cranberry farmer (for free because the job involves driving a bulldozer). He took us on a fascinating tour of the bogs.

    1. That sounds like it would have been an interesting tour. We have seen cranberry farms before but never went in to any to visit.

  2. Replies
    1. Well you could beat that, it could have been free, lol! ;-)

  3. We were in that area a few years ago, really beautiful countryside. I would like to try going just a 100 miles a day sometime:)

    1. Yes, it is very beautiful scenery all along the coast here in Oregon. We love to just take our time. We are really finding it hard to go even the 100 miles in a day along the coast, there is just too much to see. :-)

  4. That is an awesome place to spend the night. Before we left Manitoba, we filled up with propane in Brandon. $1.50 per liter. That's 6 bucks a US gallon!! Ridiculous!! Safe travels to you and Ruth.

    1. It was wonderful, especially with the nice blue sky.

      Yikes, that is some really expensive propane!

      We hope that both you and Sue have a great winter once again. Where are you headed this winter?

  5. I remember those sand dunes but at the time there were no trees...I'm so glad trees are growing again.

    1. There are some places along the coast where there are sand dunes without the trees so maybe that is where you are thinking. It would have taken years for some of these trees to have grown.


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