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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Just us on the road

Once again, we got up and did some driving as soon as the sun rose. Nobody on the roads at that hour, so we did 50 miles or so and then stopped at the town of Magdalena. We pulled in to an empty lot in front of the gas station to try for some free wifi.

But everything was secured, including the one coming from the gas station, and there had been no AT&T cell service along this whole stretch of highway so we didn't have any cellular internet either.

So we went looking for free wifi in the little town.

Just before Magdalena is the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

I think they are trying to talk to the aliens.

We drove over to the library, but it didn't open until 11am, and their wifi was secured. I went into the town hall building, but the girls in the office didn't know the password either.

So we drove further through town and stopped at another empty lot on main street, right next door to the Forest Service building. A signal came up saying "Forest Service - Guest", but it needed a password too. I went inside to ask for the password, and they said it's only for visiting Forest Service personal.

We were ready to give up and carry on. But the cheapest gas in town was back at that other station so we went back there to put in $100 worth at $2.46 USD per gallon ($0.86 CAD per liter), the cheapest we've seen gasoline for a LONG time. But, it gets even cheaper at Roswell, and then into Texas so we try and only buy enough to get us to the next cheaper place!

And, I asked the gas station if we could use their secured wi-fi, and he said "sure, of course"! It turned out that we should have just asked the first time we stopped!

So, we sat and got caught up on things.

We carried on east, but had to do a short 7 mile (12 km) stint on the I-25 south. Hopefully that's the last of our interstate driving this trip!

Just us on the road.

We mentioned around that point that we sure are glad most people use the Interstate highways. Keeps roads like these nice and quiet for us!

Scenery along the way.

Heading downhill.

Just past the town of San Antonio is this nice free forest campground.
GPS 33.919803, -106.854459

We took the bikes off and went for a ride.

Ruth, heading down to check out the river.

The Rio Grande in New Mexico.

New Mexico scenery.

After we got back from our bike ride, I changed Sherman's engine oil and checked the tire pressure. Won't have to change the oil again until we exit Mexico at the end of March.

Our altitude here was down to 4,600 ft, but it's still chilly at night. Daytime temperatures are around 58F (14C) but it's sunny and there is no wind so it's really nice. But it still went down to about 25F (-4C) at night which is still too chilly. We'll be in Texas in a couple of days at lower altitudes where the temps will be warmer.

Yesterday's drive, 94 miles (150 kms).

Quality pair of Bushnell binoculars at a record low price...

And in Canada, a great deal on Bluetooth Wireless Headphones...


  1. It does make you wonder about communicating with aliens and all those satellite dishes lol

    1. We are still under the belief that in this whole universe we can't be the only living beings! The question is, do the aliens really what to talk to us? ;-)

  2. You coulda avoided that short stint on I-25 by taking State Highway 1. It's designated NM-1 in honor of the old Camino Real that was the old Spanish road from Chihuahua to Santa Fe. It's one of those local roads that was superseded when the Interstate was built, and which I love to use as they go through the old town centers. Incidentally, San Antonio, New Mexico was the birthplace and early home town of Conrad Hilton. Years ago I had next door neighbors who knew him when he was a teenager in San Antonio.

    1. I should mention that Guadalupe Mountains NP just south of Carlsbad Caverns looks promising for hiking. It's one of the least visited national parks.

    2. Great place to stay and hike. Summer nights there are the best. Also nearby is Hueco Tanks State Park. They have a great system for visiting the petroglyphs. You have to take a course before you can actually see them. Love West Texas.

    3. You are right Creigh, we should have taken the NM-1 highway instead of the interstate, it would have been more interesting. Thankfully the interstate wasn't busy and it was only a short distance. Cool information on Conrad Hilton, we didn't know that.

      We would love to go to the Guadalupe Mountains NP and we talked about going there but unfortunately it doesn't fit into our timeline. It will have to wait for another visit to the area along with Big Bend NP which has also been on our list for a long time.

    4. Thanks Chris for the suggestion of Hueco Tanks SP, it sounds interesting too but again it is in the wrong direction for us on this trip. Hopefully when we make it back to this area again we will get there as well as the Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend, as I already mentioned to Creigh, Big Bend has been on our list for a long time. :-)

  3. When you make it to Big Bend, be sure to visit Big Bend Ranch State Park too. The road along the river from Presidio to Lajitas is spectacular, and there's miles and miles of undeveloped back country. We camped 25 yards from Mexico along the river, and I'm pretty sure we were the only people within 15 miles. Also, we were there the first weekend in April, and the wildflowers were just out of control.

    1. We will try to remember that Creigh. It may be awhile before we make it back to this part of the country though. We have heard lots of good things about Big Bend and as I said we will make it there one day! :-)


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