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Friday, November 23, 2018

Sherman is at the spa!

When we woke up yesterday morning, we were shrouded in fog! We had originally planned on getting up and doing some driving right away, but it made more sense to stay put until the fog burned off.

We got under way around 9:30am, and headed towards Jal, New Mexico.

Not a very interesting drive! Lots of oilfield truck traffic, and pretty uninspiring scenery.

The best thing we saw on the drive was Salt Lake.
Like I said, not much to see!

We arrived in Jal, New Mexico (pop 2,100) and of course things were pretty quiet in the downtown core due to Thanksgiving Day. We spotted a serve yourself purified water machine, and stopped in to fill up our water jug. 

There was a guy there who was about to service the machine. He says "you guys must have made a wrong turn somewhere"!

We got to talking, and apparently Jal doesn't get much tourist traffic! There's not much here except oilfield workers living in parking lot style RV Parks. Lots of them!

We spoke for a few minutes. Nice guy. Turns out he owns the water machine and had just stopped by to service it. We asked about a laundromat and he pointed us in the right direction, as well as the municipal RV park that offers 3 free nights with electric and water. Pretty sure that if you had to pay, nobody would come here!

We got the laundry done, and drove over to the free RV park. Actually, it was quite a bit better than we expected. It's located at a park on a man made lake. Just a paved level parking lot, but each site has full electrical hookups (50, 30, and 20 amp service), water, and a covered picnic table.

Free RV Parking, 3 night limit.

Our site.

We are not often plugged in to electricity, let alone 30 amp service! And, with a fresh water supply. We'll get some cleanup done today. Pretty sure Sherman feels like he's at the spa!

Around dusk, this huge flock of birds arrived...

There are six sites here... and each site has lots of room. Right now, there are two other rigs here as well as us.

Sherman, parked for free at GPS 32.101093, -103.187991

We're going to take a day off driving today. So we'll stay here again tonight. Maybe go for a bike ride around town, and a walk around the little lake. Might even get ambitious enough to wash Sherman's roof!

Yesterday's drive, 81 miles (130 kms)

Oh... and we've decided not to go ahead with the Worlds Greatest Traveler Race that we mentioned the other day. There were about 40 of you who had said that you were willing to support us financially, but that number would have had to have been closer to 100 for us to have the confidence to go ahead with it. To those 40 people... thanks so much for recognizing the effort that we put into this blog for your enjoyment!

We just bought a couple of new camp chairs. Not a huge discount, but it's the chair we wanted!

And in Canada...


  1. "you guys must have made a wrong turn somewhere"! I kinda scratched my head too when you said you were heading to Jal. Lea County is the only county in New Mexico I haven't been to. I'm sure it has its charms, but they are not celebrated much.

    1. Lol, you should know us by now, we like going off the beaten path. ;-)

      We have to admit the town itself isn't anything to write home about but their community park is wonderful.

  2. Gotta love those free parking spots with hookups, Nice looking chairs.

    1. Yep, you sure do! :-)

      We are looking forward to getting these chairs. Anything has to be better than the ones we have right now that are literally falling apart.

  3. I have been pondering new chairs for a couple of years. There are so many choices. Why did you decide on these ones?

    1. I bought them for a few reasons.... one, they are not your standard camp chair design. Two, all the reviews are from happy customers. And if you read the reviews on Amazon, the one star reviews on their other models where people aren't happy have all been responded to by the company offering to fix the problem. If you go to the CORE Equipment website, they are just a small midwest (Kansas) company.


      However... it is not a lightweight chair... apparently it weighs over 9 lbs.

      And is it easy to fold and set-up? I have no idea! And of course, I have never actually sat in one!

  4. That is a lot of birds, I think they made a movie about that:)

    1. Yep, a lot of birds for sure! And, yes there was a movie about lots of birds but at least these ones were scary! ;-)


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