Out for a walk at the Loynton Moss Nature Reserve, Staffordshire, England.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Wyke, West Yorkshire, England on May 29th!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Those are some big trees!

One of the reasons we wanted to come this far south before heading east was to see the big trees in Redwood National Park. We have in the past seen some big trees... such as Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island. But those are douglas fir trees, and these ones are of course coastal redwood.

When we left the casino, we topped up the gas tank once more, this time at $3.25 USD a gallon ($1.14 CAD per liter). Fuel is expensive in California (often near $4.00 USD per gallon), so we will top up when we see it near the state lows. It will be cheaper once again when we enter Nevada next week sometime.

Next stop was the park visitors center in Crescent City. There, we got some info about where to go in the forest, without making too much of a detour. We are still aware of the amount of driving we have to do over the next two and a half weeks!

Then, we went for a walk around Crescent City, California...

Nice RV park by the water.

And another gorgeous day!

Crescent City island lighthouse.

Shoreline at Crescent City.

Then, it was off to the forest!

The sun was bright, but that is not something we will be complaining about!

Into the forest.

First stop. 

Yep, those are some big trees!


These big trees had grown on top of a fallen tree. 
It must take hundreds (thousands?) of years for one of these fallen trees to decompose.

Weird... a tree cave!

Look up!

Me again!

Out for a walk.

A couple of miles down the road was a sign for "The Big Tree", so of course we had to pull in.

Ruth, reading about the big tree.

Yes, there are other big trees here too!

But, we still needed to put some miles on. We continued south on the 101...

Had to stop and see some elk along the way.

Mr. Elk.

Sharp turn... don't tip over!

We stopped at the town (village?) of Trinidad and went for another walk. We still had about 38 miles to drive, but there is just so much to see along the way.

We arrived at the Bear River Casino Resort and got pulled in just after sunset. After dinner, we went and signed up for their players club where they give you $10 free play for doing so. Once again, Ruth got an additional $5 bonus play, as well as a $5 promo chip for Blackjack.

We'd rather be parked somewhere nicer... this is just a step up from Walmart in our mind, but at least at casinos they give you money, and that's a pretty good incentive to park here!

We weren't very lucky this time though! We turned that $25 worth of free slot play into $4.06 cold hard cash! And the $5 blackjack chip broke even on the first hand and was lost on the second hand!

Oh well.

Yesterday's drive. 112 miles (180 kms).

We have seen the last of the Pacific Ocean for now though. We are heading inland and won't see the coast again until sometime around January 20th when we will be in Huatulco, Mexico!

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And in Canada...


  1. It's overwhelming. Too much to see. BUT, I'm sure glad you take lots of photos, makes for great arm chair travel. :)

    1. There is really too much to see in just one visit! Looks like we will have to travel this way again sometime but I am sure that it will be quite a long while. We are glad that we can bring it all to your from the comfort of your chair.

  2. Those are HUGE trees thanks for the tour. Keep on travelling safe.

  3. Now we have another item on our bucket list. Those trees are amazing.

    1. You are adding one and we are now ticking off one! :-)

  4. If you wait for low tide you can walk right out to that lighthouse. It's really neat! I loved that place when we were there, those trees sure are huge!

    1. Yes, we noticed that. When we were there half the road was submerged but we weren't going to wait around for low tide.

      We really enjoyed seeing the trees and walking around beside them, it sure makes you feel very small.

  5. You've probably heard about the fire near Chico. We live along Hwy 1 in Marin County and the smoke is bad here because the winds are blowing from the east. So depending on your route you might see some smoke.

    1. Yes, we were aware of the fire near Chico and have been keeping our eye on it and now that we are in Red Bluff and checked on it again we have decide to change our route. Partly because of the fire and partly because we were wanting to go through Yosemite National Park but due to weather that road could get closed at any time and we just don't want to risk not being able to take it and then having to travel quite a bit further south before heading east again. Now we are going to go on the 36 to the 395 and down to Reno.

  6. I worked in Sequoia Natl Park just out of high school (another missing piece of the puzzle). Those big trees are dangerous in storms. Tall trees, high winds, and cones that weigh up to 6 pounds makes for a not so good accident. Shallow root systems cause these redwoods to fall over easily.

    1. We believe it! We saw some trees that had fallen over on our hike, we can't even begin to think of the sound it would have made if you were around to hear it.

  7. Now those are tall trees - much, much, much taller than out PA Tall Timbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. We missed each other by days! We were in Crescent City and Trinidad just a week ago. Wouldn't it be crazy to see each other (Tergel and Sherman) when we didn't know the other guy was in the vicinity?

    1. Oh no, that's too bad! It would be fun to come across each other in the same area, it has happened to us before with other blog readers. :-)

      Where are you guys headed?


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