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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Got some miles done on the Interstate

We're at Petrified Forest National Park as I write this, and there is a lot more to see and do here than we thought there might be. More on that tomorrow!

Just giving you a quick recap of what we've done the last two days... essentially driving!

Here's what we did Friday and Saturday...

We did 456 miles (730 kms) in two days!

Our overnight spot.

Sunrise Friday morning.

Entering Las Vegas.

We had zero ambition to stop in Las Vegas. So we skirted around the southern side of the city, and used the new bypass around Boulder City towards the Hoover Dam. Been there before too, so no need to stop.

Made it to Kingman, Arizona and stopped for the night at a trailhead close to the highway. Too close, but again we were only there to get on the road again the next morning.

We did have a nice view of the mountains though.

We spent most of yesterday fighting with the truck traffic on the I-40. But, we got some miles done, and that was the objective. It sure isn't very enjoyable to us though. 

Humphreys Peak, the highest point in Arizona.

After Flagstaff, it was miles of nothing.

Old route 66 attraction.

Black Friday Deals Week is in full swing.



  1. Those east-west interstates are just truck trains. I think I-94 between Chicago and Detroit might be the worst, and I-70 west out of Denver is a parking lot on Friday nights. But I-40 is pretty awful too. We crossed Texas yesterday on US 90, so much better than the Interstate. Stayed overnight at the Marfa Lights Viewing area (no lights again...)

    1. We really hate almost any interstate but sometimes there isn't much of a choice, plus in this case we needed to make up some time. Thankfully that will be it for the interstates, except for a quick five miles on one today.

      Sorry you didn't see any lights!

  2. those wide open spaces of 'nothing.' I agree don't like I-40 either...better on I-10 the southern route (a tad better anyway). Safe travels.

    1. We like to see a bit of something on the horizon like some mountains. It's a good thing that everyone likes different things otherwise it might be a boring world we would live in. :-)

      We don't like the I-10 either!

  3. I-40 is OK except the occasional wild crosswinds. That route 66 stop looks a lot like a place we stopped when I was a kid:) We did Vegas while our daughter was stationed at the airbase there...we have not been back since:)

    1. We were lucky and didn't have any wind at all but we still didn't enjoy the I-40 one bit. On top of all that the road was in bad shape with huge potholes that you had to be careful to avoid.

      Vegas needs to be seen at least once but once is enough at least for us and it looks like it is the same with you.

      It's a shame that some of these fun old Route 66 attractions never made it once the interstate went through.

  4. You have been making good time, we have been to Vegas and the hoover Dam as well. Kingman is a fun place to visit.

    1. We have been through Kingman a couple of times now and still have not gone in to visit the city itself, maybe next time.

  5. We used to routinely drive 435 miles on a Friday and 435 back two days later just to go see dh's parents. We would think nothing of it, so seeing you go that much in two days seems like a picnic to me. Granted, I was driving an SUV, so it was probably much easier for me.

    1. You had a good reason to do that many miles at a time, plus as you said, you were driving an SUV not a motorhome. We like to plod along at our daily pace of about 100 miles a day, one of the many reasons that we love the backroads. :-)


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