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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ayutthaya, Thailand.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Got some miles done on a very scenic highway

We had another great day yesterday. It started off with a soak in the hot springs. Well, for one of us anyhow!

We woke up to well below freezing temperatures again at 6,500 ft altitude. But as soon as the sun comes up, it warms up quickly. We had been parked near the Travertine natural hot springs, and so after breakfast we wandered over to have a look.

It was still pretty chilly out, but Ruth brought her swimsuit!

The outside temperature at this point was probably around 41F (5C). But, there was zero wind, and the sun was shining bright.

Our overnight spot.

We left Sherman behind and walked to the hot springs.

The pool to the left was a little too hot!

See Ruth down below? With the town of Bridgeport in the background.

Looks relaxing. 

I like the warm water as much as anybody else. But getting out into the cold, cold air? Not my thing! 

"Maybe if I stay really, really still they won't see me!"

Back to Sherman, and then we hit the road heading south. But first, we had to make our way out of the boondocking area we were in. Like I said yesterday, the road was a little rough!

Almost dragged the back end going through here.

Just a little washboardy!

But then we were back on the 395 south and climbing...

Scenery along the way.

We topped out at 8,138 ft!

Nice view from up there. That's our road down below!

Old homestead.


We did an 8 mile (13 km) downhill stretch where I never had to touch the gas peddle.

Coasting downhill.

Nice fresh pavement.

And then we stopped for lunch in the town of Bishop. We went for a walk around town, and were really impressed.

Town park.

Feeding the ducks.

Lots and lots of ducks!

And from there, to Lone Pine where we took the back roads up to the Alabama Hills Recreational area and their free boondocking. We didn't get there until just before dusk (again!) and so most of the good spots were taken. But Sherman still managed to find somewhere decent to overnight...

Sherman, parked for the night at GPS 36.610084, -118.128255

Yesterday's drive, 147 miles (235 kms).

Today, we're headed into Death Valley National Park!


And in Canada...


  1. Awesome! I really enjoy following you two on your adventures.

    1. Thank you Brian, we are glad that you are enjoying them. :-)

  2. Awesome that you made it to Alabama Hills! In fact, I recognize that exact spot...just steps away from where we parked there in October for a few nights!! They filmed the movie Tremors in that area. Hope you had a chance to hike to Mobius Arch nearby! Safe travels!!

    1. Too funny that we picked a spot so close to where you were parked. We remember seeing the movie Tremors and thinking back to it, the area is certainly familiar looking so it would make sense.

      Yes, we did the hike to Mobius Arch. Beautiful scenery and rock formations all along the trail. We really wish that we had more time to spend in the area.

  3. I will definitely have to stay there sometime. We pass through the Alabama Hills on our way to Horseshoe Meadow to park because we are backpacking. Thank you for posting coordinates to your location. Hope to get out there the first of the year.

    1. You won't be disappointed, the area is beautiful and the rock formations are so interesting. :-)

  4. Pretty brave to jump into the hot spring! It is a very nice area.

    1. Nope, we knew that the hot springs were safe and not boiling hot as it is advertised through the National Forest in the area. The pools are quite small though so you wouldn't want to be there if it is busy.


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