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Monday, November 12, 2018

Nice drive to Reno, Nevada

Once again, up at the crack of dawn and did some driving right away. Nobody on the roads at that hour. We stopped in Susanville, California (pop 17,000) for breakfast and internet time before moving on towards Reno, Nevada.

A pretty comfortable drive for change... some actual straight roads without too many hills!

I actually used Sherman's cruise control on a few stretches!

Taken at 7:00am.

We still had a bit of forest to drive through.

But then the landscape changed dramatically.

From the forest, to the desert.

Still a nice clear blue sky though!

We're at 5,000 ft in elevation, so it's still a bit chilly. Comfortable in the sun during the day, but at night it goes down to 19F (-7C).

Scenery along the way.

Yep, starting to look like Nevada.

We arrived at our friend Danielle's place in Northwest Reno. Got ourselves parked up on her driveway and went inside the house to get caught up. Danielle was on the Mexico RV Caravan with us in February of 2016.

Not really any ambition to go into downtown Reno. It's odd, but the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Reno, Nevada is the words from the old Johnny Cash song "...shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die..."!

Danielle offered to take us out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant and we were quick to take her up on that.

We all had enchiladas. Thanks Danielle!

We're going to take a rest day here at Danielle's. Keeping in mind that we still have to drive 2,000 miles (3,200 kms) over the next 16 or 17 days. 

Because we've been moving every day, I haven't made the time to do some minor repairs and maintenance stuff. Still haven't fixed Ruth's bike tire, so we haven't been using the bikes. And our fridge acted up the other day, although it seems fine now but I think the burner needs cleaning again. Because we're never plugged in, it's always running on propane so it needs cleaning more often and it hasn't been done for quite a while.

And our furnace quit working which is not a big deal because we usually use our Mr. Heater Buddy anyhow, but I should diagnose the problem and get it fixed. Likely something minor anyhow.

So, we're going to hang out here and get that stuff done. Also, Danielle lives near a nice hike in the hills so we'll go out and get some exercise as well.

Yesterday's drive, 125 miles (200 kms).

The popular Clam series of bug shelter tents has dropped to a record low price...

And in Canada...


  1. Good old Johnny Cash! We live near Folsom Prison that he made famous in his song! lol Glad you made it to Reno, but maybe at least walk by the riverfront and see the Reno arch just
    'cause that's what you do in Reno! My in-laws live there (Sun Valley) and we missed you by one week as we'll be there for Thanksgiving! Good luck on your repairs...and stay warm!

    So you heading down 395 toward DV? Beautiful drive!

    1. We didn't really have time to walk by the river but Danielle did take us on a really quick little tour of downtown Reno so we did see the river and the arch. Looks like we are going to have to come back to Reno and the surrounding area some other time because there is lots here that would keep us busy for quite a while.

      We are looking forward to our drive down the 395, everyone says it is a great drive. :-)

    2. We did a quick overnight in Reno several years ago while traveling to (or from) the Pacific NW and through many of the areas you just visited (redwood forests, Oregon coast, etc.) There is a nice bike path right through downtown along the river you can ride quite a ways. We really enjoyed it and found downtown interesting as well. We were pleasantly surprised as we had no expectations, just wanted to get a bike ride in. Hope you can get back one day and check it out!

    3. Yes, we agree, Reno is quite a nice and interesting place. We told our friend, Danielle that if she ever needed a house and dog sitter while she went away on a holiday we would happily offer our services. We both said that we could easily spend some time in the area and not get bored. We also went in without any expectations.

  2. Say hi to Danielle (and Yankee) for us!! We met Danielle and her friend at Desert Oasis in 2016 when they were on their way to meet up with you for the caravan. We also met her in Mazatlan same year. Glad to see she is having a great time with her explorations too!!

    1. We passed along your greetings Nancy and Danielle and Yankee say hello back to you. I remember you mentioning to us that you had met them when we took over the caravan for that month.

      She is doing well and starting to settle down with home life mixed in with some travels in Frannie.

  3. Replies
    1. It was good but still not as good as the same meal would be in Mexico. We can't wait! :-)

  4. Ruth....did you cut your hair? You look good with the new length..

    1. Nope, it hasn't been cut since the end of July. Maybe it looks different because it isn't tied back and I blew it dry for a change.

    2. It does look nice! I noticed that too.


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