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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Now that's a BBQ!

We walked downtown again yesterday morning. Ruth wanted to get her hair cut, and we needed to go to the bank and get some more dinero. And maybe a quick stop at the grocery store again.

Didn't bring the camera this time though. Sometimes you just don't feel like being weighted down with things.

We walk downtown along the beach route. Being a Saturday, it's pretty busy. Also, there's a big fishing tournament going on this weekend and they've got a stage setup and there's a lot going on. Made it to the bank, and got some cash. The Canadian - Mexican exchange rate seems to be holding up not bad, although it is slightly worse than when we were in Mexico last March. It's the Canadian - American exchange rate that isn't holding up well for us. Nothing we can do about it except spend less money when we make it to the States!

Next up was a stop at the hairdressers. Ruth says she hasn't had her hair cut since last March and it was getting quite long. So she spent 100 pesos ($8.50) for a haircut and to get her eyebrows shaped. The girl wasn't busy and so it was right into the chair and got the job done.

Then, we walked to the grocery store and picked up a few things. Deal of the day? A bottle of rum for only 67 pesos ($5.70). Oh, and a couple of grapefruits for 3.5 pesos (30 cents) each.

Kevin, happy with the rum!

Ruth, happy with her haircut!

Took the collectivo back to the apartment.

Later in the afternoon, we were invited to Alfredo's bother's house for dinner. Raphael, his wife Maluisa and their 4 year old daughter Alondra don't speak any English, so we did quite well having 3 hours worth of discussion with them about various topics. Had to keep the Spanish - English dictionary handy though!

Raphael has a very cool homemade BBQ...

Love it. Maluisa's brother made it. All you need is a 45 gallon drum, some concrete rebar, and some welding skills!

Trap door at the bottom to empty the ashes out.

But they weren't BBQ'ing today. Maluisa was making a huge chicken veggie stir fry...

Maluisa in her kitchen.

Lots of veggies on the go.

We were stuffed! And, it was a good time and we enjoyed their company and the Spanish conversation. Plus, it turned out that they live only a few blocks away so we walked there and back.

Today is Sunday. Family day in we're headed back to La Barra to spend the day with our Mexican friends.


  1. What? Kevin, you didn't offer to cut Ruth's hair? *snort*! Man, that's a hundred pesos you could use somewhere else.
    Possibly...medical supplies.

    1. I didn't mind letting him colour it for me when I used to tint my hair but no way am I letting him cut it! Also don't forget that the 100 pesos also included getting my eyebrows plucked/reshaped!

      What medical supplies? We don't have any!

  2. Looks like a great day. Ruth, your hair looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks Chris, can't wait to get back to Sherman so I can try blowdrying my hair to see what it looks like styled properly.

  3. Yes Ruth, I like your hair and they did a very nice job on the shaping!
    Kevin you'll need to invent a drink that uses rum and grapefruit, lol.
    You could always change your plans and stay in Mexico; the US/Canada exchange rate is certainly having us re-think our plans....

    1. Thanks Esther, I had her put in a few long layers in it for a change. I am looking forward to seeing what it will look like styled properly with the blow dryer.

      If the weather stays cold up there we will be staying longer in Mexico with or without the US/Canada exchange rate. Mind you we plan on doing lots of boondocking up in the US, so we will see but yes, that exchange rate sure makes it hard for the Canadian dollar to go very far.

      Come down and join us, lots of sunshine here!

  4. If you're anything like me, the blowdryer only helps for the first five minutes. Then you step out into the heat and humidity, and the frizz begins...thus, I never use a blow dryer in a hot/humid climate! But I think your cut looks very nice even without being officially "styled"! And I like the price!

    1. Yes Emily, you are totally right and that is generally why I never blow dry my hair either. I also got her to cut a bang this time and now I remember why I don't like them, it constantly curls up on me and I hate that! Oh, well it is something different for a change.

    2. My bangs do the same thing in humidity and that's why I have finally, FINALLY grown them out for the first time since college, I think, and I'm your age! I am not planning to get them cut again anytime soon for the very reason you found, at least as long as we keep visiting hot/humid areas!

    3. I have had my bangs long now for quite a few years that I forgot that my bangs curl up like that when they are short. I will have to try and remember that for the next time. Mind you when my bangs are long they are thin and still curl up, I guess I just can't win!

  5. Looking good and lets see the BBQ operating soon.

    1. Sorry but we won't be seeing it in operation this year, maybe next time we come to visit.


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