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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Seattle's Pacific Science Center

We had tickets to the IMAX 3D theater located at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, right beside the base of the Space Needle.

We had a choice of movies to see, and because we're leading up to Veterans Day (Rememberence Day in Canada) we thought it was only fitting to go see D-Day 3D - Normandy 1944.

We thought we were going to get a private viewing! Going to the 11:45am show on a Monday morning is  a nice quiet time to go...

Taken 10 minutes before show time and we were the only ones there.

But a few more people did file in just as the show was about to begin. We were all given fancy (and funny lookin') 3D glasses to wear...

Ruth wearing her 3D glasses.

It was a good movie. We enjoyed watching it, the 3D effects were pretty good, and it was an informative story highlighting the reasons behind the largest allied operation of World War II.

But the other reason we went was to see the Ripley's Believe It or Not display. This is a temporary exhibit that is supposed to be detailing the science behind the attraction. It was pretty good and in fact we spent a couple of hours looking at some of the amazing things that are included.

The worlds biggest chair. Probably not, but it was in fact built specially to seat a giant of a man.

Neat mural of Einstein. And, it's all done with toast! Yes, each piece of toast (there are over 500 pieces) has been burnt to become a piece of the mural. Who does this...?

Ruth, beside a statue of Robert Wadlow, the worlds tallest man who died at age 22 when he was 8'11" tall.

There was quite a lot of the Science Center that didn't interest us. We've been to a lot of these types of places, and while the gears and pulleys and science displays are interesting for someone who's never been, we're not thrilled by it anymore. However, if you have children, they would love this kind of thing. Tons of stuff to keep the kids busy.

Oh, we did wander through the butterfly room...

Butterflies having some fruit.

Wow. Nature is amazing sometimes, isn't it?

These are the "hatching" trays where you can watch the various butterflies emerge from the cocoon.

Here's an interesting one. It has transparent wings!

We made it back home by 5:00pm. The Science Center was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. Not bad value for $23.95 considering it includes admission to an IMAX film. The $20 standard basic price is a bit steep we thought, however the Ripley display definitely adds some value.

Our couchsurfing host Heather recommended a nearby Thai restaurant and we took her out for dinner. Great  hole in the wall type of spot, and we had fun watching the guy cook. Totally enjoyed our meal as well. It's in the university district and it's called Thai Tom at 4543 University Way. Loved it, and reasonably priced! $36 for the three of us, tip included and we were stuffed and had a good show as well!

We watched this one guy cooking all the different meals at once. Can't figure how he did it all. The place was busy, there was a lineup, and he was doing the take out orders too.!

Yum...I had the cashew chicken dish.

Ruth, Kevin, and Heather.
Thanks for having us're welcome to visit us in Saskatchewan anytime!


  1. Love the butterflies. We really enjoyed the NW even though we didn't get to spend any time in Seattle, we will leave that for another visit.

    1. The butterflies were so pretty We some that we haven't seen before like the one Kevin showed above that had translucent wings.

      Hopefully you will make it back there some other time and hopefully it will be nice and sunny for you. We would love to go back again with the motorhome to see some of the surrounding area. It looks very picturesque.


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