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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Relaxing in La Barra (part 2)

Okay...sorry about that. I don't like only giving you half a blog post! I've made it up to the Oxxo corner store and I've charged up our internet stick with a 400 peso ($34) credit. That gives us 3GB of usage, or 30 days...whichever comes first.

So, let's continue from our post this morning.

So, we had walked the 10 minutes down at the beach and lagoon with little Nataly.

Looking back at the bridge for the main highway.

Nataly was only 6 months old the first time we came here.

Lots of bird life around here.

Ruth and Nataly.

Things are pretty green around here!

They eat a lot of things right off the tree. They slice a section off the end, and you drink the fresh coconut juice. Yummy and sweet.

Okay, let's show you some more food. For lunch, Alfredo came home from work for a few hours. Depending on the day, he sometimes gets a few hours for lunch, and makes up for it by working until 8:00pm at night. It's pretty standard in Mexico to work six days a week. Anyhow, he made lunch for us yesterday.

Alfredo and his mother Sylvia.

Tomatoes, peppers, and onions are boiling to make salsa. The meat is a type of pork that you eat with tortillas.

Of course tortillas are a staple of the diet here. Most people have corn tortillas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We relaxed in the hammocks for most of the afternoon. Nice!

Then for dinner, Mary came home from work and Mary and Alfredo's mom Sylvia made some Tlyudas. (Pronounced "Cly-U-dah").

Sylvia, Mary, and Ruth.

The beef is cooking over the hot coals.

The salsas, frijoles (refried beans), cheese, and oversized tortillas are ready to go.

You spread the beans on the tortillas.

Then cut the beef into strips, and sprinkle the cheese and avocado on top, with the tortilla browning over the coals.

Fold it over, and it's ready to eat. Delicious!


  1. I am jealous - it looks delicious. Nothing better than good honest Mexican food. Love the picture of the Egret by the way.

    1. We totally agree with you Cheapchick, we love Mexican food and it is even better when it is actual homecooking.

  2. Tlayuda is pizza, Mexican style! The official dish of the state of Oaxaca. You're so lucky to have gotten the genuine article.

    1. Yes it is a bit like a pizza but they normally fold them in half and continue to cook it over the coals flipping it back and forth until the tortilla is just right. They are delicious but just a little to big for me. I can normally eat about half to three quarters then I give the rest to Kevin.

  3. The Tlayuda looks great! I want to eat at Sylvia's. Do you know what kind of cheese she used?

    1. You are more than welcome to, she has a little taqueria that she runs in the evenings. In the tlayudas she uses Oaxaca cheese.

  4. Yummmm that food looks ggrrreeeaaattttt!!! I love her beautiful table cut from a large slice of wood it seems? Absolutely rustic and soooo appealing!

    1. Yes, it is a slice from a very large tree. I believe that they have had it since we first met them and we have also commented to her on how beautiful it is.

  5. The food looks great but I spotted the food prep table! Looks like a beautiful burl piece or just a big slab of wood. Nonetheless, it's gorgeous!!

    1. The food is delicious!

      Yes, it is a beautiful piece of wood. I is a huge slice from a huge tree.

  6. Looks like rez life in AZ. We eat the same foods.

    1. Nice to know you are able to get the same food there. I bet you have to go to the Mexican neighbourhoods in order to get the best and most authentic foods though.


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