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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Back to Mexico City

We lazed around much of the day yesterday. Our flight back to Mexico City wasn't until 4:20pm, so we didn't have to get to the airport until 3:00pm or so. Puerto Escondido is just a small airport so it doesn't take long to get checked in and through security.

Made it out for one last breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot at Olas Altas Hotel's restaurant.

Man, we have never eaten in so many restaurants in our lives as we have in the last two months. A week from yesterday and we're back in the motorhome for the next four months or so. Back to some good old home cooking!

We took a taxi to the airport. Ha! We're so frugal (cheap!) sometimes. So we're standing out on the highway and of course one stops almost right away.  I asked how much to the airport and he says 50 pesos ($4.35). I thought it should have been closer to 35 pesos, but he wouldn't budge. So I said I would wait for the next one. A minute later, another guy stops and he also says it's 50 pesos, and shows me the rate card. At this point, it's baking hot outside and I'm not going to argue over $1.25. Off to the airport, which is only about 10 minutes away.

Our flight with Vivaaerobus was fine. It's a Mexican discount airline. I've read reviews by people who haven't liked them because they charge you for every little thing and they're very strict with baggage and carry on weight limits. But we've used quite a few similar discount carriers and if you follow their rules you'll do just fine. I've found that the bad reviews have been written by people who couldn't follow the rules, or didn't read the fine print.

Heading down the runway.

Up in the clouds.

More clouds.

Arriving in Mexico City.

It's only a 55 minute flight, but by the time we got out of the airport and onto the bus downtown it was just after 6:00pm, and getting dark outside. I had already figured out where to get off the bus and how to walk the one kilometer to the hotel. Lots of people out and about in Mexico City, so no worries and we made it just fine. I had booked the Hotel Costa Azul through booking.com and got a great price of 260 pesos ($22.00). Sometimes when the price is that cheap you wonder what you're getting yourself into.

But we were pleasantly surprised!

Just what we need for only one night.

Only downside is that it's on a very busy street, so there's a bit of noise from outside. No worries though.

And it's located only a five minute walk from the subway line that takes us to the bus station so that we can get on our bus to Toluca this morning.

Mexico City is at 6,000 feet in altitude and so the air is much more refreshing here. Spending two weeks at the beach was fine, but we had had enough of the heat and humidity. No idea how some people spend all winter there, but each to their own. We'll take the comfortable air in the mountains any day. High today in Toluca is forecast to be 25C (77F). Perfect.


  1. Great cloud photos! :D I hope you & Ruth got in a few peaceful hours of sleep.

    1. Thank you, the cloud formations were pretty amazing! It wasn't the best sleep but it beat what we would have had, had we tried to sleep at the airport.

  2. Back to Sherman and home cooking, thats why we have a problem leaving our coach. Love the home cooking and our own bed.
    Have fun there in the mountains.

    1. Yep, have to admit we love the motorhome but we also love traveling to the different countries. Wouldn't be long and we will soon be back in Sherman!

  3. Quite a nice room for the price - so nice it actually looks just like the pictures on the internet!

    1. Yep, for the price we couldn't complain. The only thing that I would suggest to someone if they were going to stay here is to ask for a room at the back of the hotel (which we did) but also to ask for an inside room that would look down to interior square, that way you would get even less traffic noise.

  4. I was surprised at the air pollution in Mexico City, it was quite smelly. :c(

    1. Yes, it certainly can be. We really noticed it more on this night then when we were here a couple of weeks ago.


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