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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Back to the Beach!

We did a little more travel planning yesterday morning. We leave here Tuesday afternoon, flying back to Mexico City. But we need to get to Toluca, which is another city just outside of Mexico City. Our plane doesn't arrive until 5:30pm and we figured that was getting a bit late for navigating subways and buses to get out of the big city.

So we booked another hotel room.

The same one we had found a couple of weeks ago on Priceline wasn't available. But I found one on a twenty minute walk from the central plaza. And it's only 260 pesos ($22.10) for the night! Sounds too good to be true, but their website makes it look not bad...

I guess we'll find out because we booked it. It's only for one night, so even if it's less than stellar, we'll survive!

And, it's located right on the subway line we need the next morning to get to the bus station to Toluca.

Yesterday, we invited our friends to the beach for lunch. Mary had the day off (but she's working this Sunday) and Alfredo was able to leave work at noon, but had to be back for 4:00pm.

It didn't take Ruth long to get in the water.

She was having fun with Nataly.

And they were soon joined by Mary and Gael.

Ruth, Mary, Nataly, and Gael.

We ordered a platter for lunch. It's called Mariscada...a bunch of different fillet, octopus, squid, crab, shrimp, and shellfish. Enough for the six of us, and salad and a couple of plates of rice. With drinks and tip, the bill was 600 pesos ($51.00). A little pricey, but the beach restaurants in Puerto usually are.

Seafood platter.

Ruth, Mary, and Alfredo.

There were no gringos at this beach. No idea why, but the gringos tend to stay on Playa Zicatela, the surfing beach. Something else I noticed. Because there are no gringos, there is hardly anybody lying on the beach. The Mexicans go to the beach and sit in the shade at the beachside restaurants. And they spend a lot of time in the water. Hours, just sitting in the water.

The beach restaurants.

Busy day in the water.

Playa Angelito.

Don't forget to click through the following link to do any of your shopping. We make a small commission when you do, and you pay the same price you would anyhow...


  1. Ah, sun, warmth and water. What a great way to soak them all up! :c)

  2. Great photos, great food, and lots of fun !!!! Friendship with an international flavor, how nice is that ? Ruth, you are always sooooooo beautiful in the photos....your hat suits you to a T !!!!

    1. Thank you so much SallyB, we had a fantastic day with such great company!

      I love my Tilley hat!

  3. Muy grapas! OK so, I have to ask, did Ruth buy a suit there? Surely you didn't lug a bathing suit to Korea and back.
    The hotel looks OK. I've stayed in worse for one night. For. one. night.

    1. Thanks Bob! And yes I carried my swimsuit around with me, knowing that I was going to need it in Mexico before getting back to the motorhome. I wouldn't use the word "lug" it to Korea and back as it hardly takes up any room. Now, if it was a winter coat then I would use the word "lug"! And now we didn't bring any of those along!

      We'll let you know how this hotel works out and like you, it is only for ONE night.


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