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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back in Puerto Escondido!

We are back in La Barra de Colotopec, the little village by the river where we first met our friends Alfredo and Mary almost six years ago. We're about 7 kms (4 miles) south east of Puerto Escondido.

We flew here yesterday from Mexico City. We used VivaAerobus, a Mexican discount carrier. It's one of those airlines that offers a very cheap base fare, and then adds on for anything extra.

So we had a 10 kg (22 lb) weight limit each of our carry on. You're allowed one bag, and one personal item and together they can't total more than the maximum. And the rules stated that if you are over that limit at the gate, you will pay...a lot! When we got to the airport, we weighed things.

I knew we would be over...I was at 11 kgs, and Ruth was at 14 kgs. So we had some work to do!

First thing to go was our old workhorse (and boat anchor!) of a laptop. We've had that 17" laptop since 2007 and it's been everywhere with us. Sad to see it go. I sat in the airport with a screwdriver and removed the hard drive hoping we can salvage some things from it.

With that done, we put on sweaters and our Tilley jackets that have a ton of pockets and started filling them up! It was a little warm, but we made it under the weight limit and we were good to go!

Some of the more interesting cloud formations that we've ever seen during a flight. It was only 55 minutes from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido. We got off the plane to the muggy 30C (86F) weather and put our extra clothing back in the bags!

Alfredo had said that he would meet us at the airport, but we didn't expect the whole crew! Alfredo, his wife Mary, both children Nataly and Gael, niece Dana, and Alfredo's father Hermalindo were all there! So we all (7 of us!) piled into their little car for the short journey back to La Barra. Alfredo had to go back to work, and then we went to his parents place for roast chicken dinner.

Ruth, reading to Nataly, now six years old.

Mary and Gael.

Mary's mother's pet, named Solidad.

Just relaxing.

Lots of dogs around. The little one, they named "Whiskey" after our Whiskey! The bigger one is Simba. He's been around for a while. He's a nice dog, but unfortunately he doesn't get enough to eat.

Nataly and Solidad.

Lots of rain when we woke up this morning! It was pouring buckets. We've never seen rain here at La Barra because we've never been here this early in the winter. The rainy season is just about ending though, so hopefully we'll see some sun soon.


  1. On the move again. Funny that simply by redistributing the bulk of the weight, you were magically within the limit. Sad about the old laptop. I'd take the drive out of my old one, but it was the one part that decided to crap out. :(
    I kind of miss the portability of a laptop, but I've been giving some Christmas hints that I wouldn't mind a "tablet". We'll see what Santa has in mind.

    1. Losing that boat anchor really made a difference. We are really hoping that we will be able to retrieve the info from the hard drive although most of the stuff was also on my computer.

  2. Was Ruth reading to Nataly in español o inglés?

  3. Great pictures of the clouds from the air. Well done on the weight limit. I love the pictures of regular home life with dogs and parrots and kids. Glad you made it safely.

    1. Thank you Sherry, there were some pretty cool clouds that day. Life is very different here, that is for sure.

  4. I thought that was interesting, too that Ruth was reading an English book to Nataly. Good for her, learning English at a young age, it will help her go far.

    Clever way to get around the weight restrictions. Did you knees buckle when you walked from all the weight? :cD

    1. I think that Nataly understands a little bit of English. Her parents will sometime talk to her in English and she does get some English in school. It was funny yesterday Gael, who is only two and a half counted to 10 perfectly in English, totally surprised us because he doesn't speak very much.

      We luckily didn't have too much stuff in our pockets, but we sure were hot wearing our coats!


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