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Friday, November 14, 2014

Life in La Barra

Got up this morning and had a shower. Not the typical shower that we would normally have! You stand in the small shower room with a drum filled with water, and a curtain over the entrance way. You then dump cold water over yourself using a small bucket.

Not much of a problem using the cold water. The daytime temperature is usually between 30C (86F) and 33C (92F) and it rarely falls below 22C (72F) at night.

You really don't need any hot water!

In fact, they never use hot water for washing yourself, your dishes, or your clothes. Only cold.

Ruth, beside the Rio Colotopec this morning.

Usually, there are women washing clothes in the river, but with the recent rains the water is still pretty murky. 

When I finish this blog post, I am going to wash my laundry!

This is Alfredo's mother Sylvia's house. We have parked the motorhome here a couple of the years that we've visited.

Ruth and I came down here to make breakfast this morning. Sylvia has taken Mary's children into town with her, and Mary and Alfredo are both at work. Alfredo works at the local dairy, and Mary is working at a medical clinic. She helps a lot with translation because her English is quite good. 

We went to see the lady next door for some fresh tortillas and eggs. 

Making fresh tortillas.

She puts each ball of maiz dough into the press and makes a thin tortilla.

Then it gets pan fried. No oil or grease, just the heat.

So, a nice breakfast of eggs, beans, and fresh tortillas.

This morning, we're going down to Playa Zicatela, and maybe we'll stop in at some of the RV parks and see if anybody has made it this far south yet.

But first...laundry!


  1. Nothing quite like hanging our with the locals in Mexico.

    1. We are enjoying our time here but the mosquitoes, sand fleas and no-see-ums are driving us a ittle nuts!

  2. Would you say that Puerto Escondido or Namibia is hotter? We have been in Escondido when it has been HOT and humid. My straight hair turned curly!

    1. I would have to say that Namibia is hotter especially when we were there but there was no humidity there which Puerto Escondido certainly has. In the shade it is not too bad. Have to say that we really prefer the mountains than the beach.

  3. Right now those temps sound pretty good:) A simple life is often the most satisfying.

    1. We've been hearing that it isn't all that warm in the southern states as what it should be!

      We also think the simple life is easier, but their simple life requires lots of work.

  4. I love the fresh tortilla pics and explanation of how they're made.

    1. Rosario and Yolanda make such wonderful tortillas and they are only in the house behind Sylvia's so you just go there and ask for 15 pesos of tortillas and they make them fresh while you wait.


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