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Friday, July 18, 2014

How often do you play?

We play almost every day! Whether we're traveling or staying here at the park, we always have some sort of game available to keep us occupied.

And when do we play?

During dinner!

Yep. Almost every single day we play Yahtzee during dinner. Been like that for years. We've even got an annual running score total going so that we can see who's in the lead. Ruth won last year, but so far, I'm in the lead this year. We're only just over half way through the year though, so anything can change.

Yahtzee is a simple game that hardly takes up any space so it's great for travel. You only need five dice, a pen, and a piece of paper. And, you can buy the whole game for around $7.00.

The other game we love is Backgammon. But backgammon is a little more bulky because while it also uses dice, you need the board surface. Our backgammon game is too big for travel so we left it in the motorhome. But when we're in the motorhome, we play almost every day. Again, we have an annual running total scoresheet of wins and losses. We like backgammon because it's a combination of strategy and luck.

We looked around for a backgammon game when we were in Swift Current. But they want around $40 for a new one, and we're not paying that much. I just looked on Amazon and they have the one we want for half price! Sometimes I sure wish we lived in the States because Americans get much better pricing on this sort of thing than Canadians do. 

Here's the one we would buy right now...

And the third game that we play, although not as often, is cribbage. Again, a great travel game that doesn't take up much space.

Ruth and our son Alex, playing cribbage on top of our backgammon board in Huatulco, Mexico!

We have a fold up travel version of cribbage, and it's well designed to hold the deck of card and the pegs inside the board itself. I don't see a similar one on Amazon, however they do have a travel one that folds up. 

I know that Scrabble is popular, but other than card games, what games do you play?

By the way, after only one week as an Amazon Associate, our readers have purchased a total of 35 items through the links we've provided on Amazon! We're having fun with this, and we see that we're helping some of you get great deals and that helps us earn a little bit of money through the blog. So, thanks for buying at!!


  1. My wife loves scrabble and alas, I haven't the patience for it. I usually make up some lame-assed word just to get my turn over with, and she gets annoyed. I do enjoy cribbage, but am so out of practice I'd have to relearn a whole bunch.
    We used to play backgammon to see who had to do dishes etc., but I'm not sure where that one ended up. Need to "play" more, that's for sure.

    1. I think the only time we have played scrabble was with Kevin's Mom and his grandmother many years ago. His grandmother loved playing scrabble.

      I play lots of cribbage with our son, Alex when he is around and Kevin plays backgammon with him.

      Maybe you gave up on the backgammon because you were the one who always ended up doing he dishes. ;-)

  2. We love to play games and have a huge collection of them in storage. With us we are currently carrying a tabletop classic wooden pinball game, The Birding Game, Sequence, Save the Everglades.

    1. Good for you guys! I think out of the ones you named the only one that is slightly familiar to us is Sequence and I don't think we have played it before but the name certainly rings a bell. We also love it when we meet up with friends or new acquaintances who love to play card games.

  3. I play scrabble and wordfued online. Scabble in English and wordfued in Dutch. I also used to play cribbage but haven't for many years. I noticed an APP the other day for cribbage. There are two ways to play backgammon; one where the stones are set up a certain way, and another where the dice place them in the first quarter. Either way is good sport.

    1. I have to admit I am not one for online games. Kevin plays a few games online but I have say that we prefer to play games with them there right in front of us.

      We have never heard of playing backgammon where the dice place the stones in the first quarter, we have always played the other way.

  4. Five of the 35 were me just today. Might have to buy Yahtzee as I had forgotten about it.
    Yours Truly,

    1. Thank you Evelyn! :-)

      We love traveling with Yahtzee, we just take the 5 dice along with us and some score sheets, that way it doesn't take up much room.


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