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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gotta give credit where it's due

Cell phone companies take a lot of flack, and usually with good reason. They simply don't seem to have very good customer service. We've also experienced poor service with them, and several times over the years I've been frustrated by their stupidity, for lack of a better word.

But yesterday I actually had a good customer service experience!

We don't own a cell phone. But we do access our internet via a mi-fi hotspot and so we have a cellular plan through Bell Mobility here in Canada.

Our cell plan is for data only. It's a "stepped" plan, whereby our monthly bill increases depending on how much data we use. If we use up to 10 GB of data, we pay $85 plus taxes, and if we go over the 10 GB it moves up to 15 GB of data at $105 plus taxes.

Our billing date shows as the 25th of every month. So on the 24th, I saw that we still had 2.5 GB available. And if you don't use it, you lose it! Which in itself I don't agree with. But anyhow, because I keep track of it, I decided to download a movie or two.

Then, when I checked my useage online the morning of the 25th (yesterday) I saw that I had already used up over 1.1 GB towards my next month. That was impossible, and obviously some of my movie download had gone towards this month instead of last month.

So I called customer service.

Didn't have to wait long, and a girl came on the phone. Had to qualify who I was by proving my address, birth date, and all of that crap and then I briefly explained my problem, expecting to have to explain it three times and in enough detail that she would understand what I meant.

However, this girl "got it" right away and understood exactly what I meant. It turns out that even though my billing date is the 25th, the cutoff is actually at 6:00pm on the 24th. Makes absolutely no sense, and she totally agreed with me. She said she had already escalated the problem, meaning she reported it to the powers that be for another customer a week ago,

And for the time being, she offered, without me having to ask, to credit my account for $20.

I was totally happy with that!

So there you go. I am a happy camper with Bell Mobility customer service. This time.

Lots of rain here at the campground the last couple of days. Things are sure wet and muddy! And we had some high winds as well. Lots of small tree branches to clean up today. And one large one that fell right between two fifth wheel campers. I can't believe it missed damaging at least one of them. They were sure lucky!

A rainy day at the park.

Our deal of the day is for our dog owning readers!

In fact, I don't know of a dog owner who wouldn't take advantage of this dirt cheap deal....

700 poop bags!!!

Great price, and great deal!!


  1. Hi Kevin:
    I think I'm going to skip the 700 poop bags this time around but wanted to comment on the customer service rep situation. I, too, am often frustrated with certain reps' attitudes. However, I do think some companies have gone the extra mile to train, and make responsible, their reps. For it is those reps who become the biggest, most important advertising benefits or irritations. And, it's getting so that most of us have some choices with respect to companies we deal with.
    I have a MiFi JetPack that's very convenient when I'm outside wireless wifi range - but it uses an incredible amount of the gigabytes I have available in my monthly contract. I try to watch Netflix and download movies and all when I have a reasonable wifi connection. One little peeve I have with Verizon is that I get these data alerts every month, whether I'm maxing out my usage or not. The date for my new month's allotment is the 16th; I pretty routinely get a data usage text on the 15th suggesting that I 'buy' more data so I won't run out! What? Run out in 12 hours or less when my account says I have several gigabytes left? There have been months when I've gone over and I'm willing to because there's some good reason. But I don't need those "please buy" texts I receive.

    1. To us, those annoying text messages would be something that we would just ignore, something like getting junk mail in our mailbox. Have you tried calling them to ask them to stop sending the texts or can you block the texts.

  2. That is indeed great customer service ... Mui's great with people on the phone and we rarely have a bad customer service experience, even if we don't always get what we want.

    1. Having myself been on the receiving end of the customer service line, it certainly goes a long way to having good customer service when the client is also pleasant. We are more apt to give you what you want than to someone who comes on ranting and raving and is rude.

  3. Nice to see you won one for a change! :c)

    1. It was nice not to have to fight for it either!

  4. So nice to hear about good service. It's a rare treat at least in my experience.

    1. I think we have been doing pretty well lately in this department but then again we haven't had too many problems with anything lately either.

  5. Always nice to hear about good customer service, which seems to be almost non-existent in today's society.

    1. I'm not sure about the non-existent part, we have heard a number of people talk about good customer service recently. We do think though that when you deal with cable TV or cellular companies, they are the ones that seem to have the worst customer service but perhaps that is now improving.


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