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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

8 Reasons You Should Take an RV Vacation

Before we got into the RV lifestyle, we used to be tent campers. We took a lot of camping vacations with our children, including one two week long excursion to Newfoundland, Canada.

It was a lot of fun. But when it rained, or there were too many bugs, we were envious of the people in the RV's!

When you take a road trip vacation in a car or even a minivan, your options are so limited with regards to somewhere to stay. Also, your vehicle is so crammed full of stuff! It's not a really comfortable way to travel. So when we got into RV'ing, we quickly realized why it's so popular. Here's a few things we thought of that might make you consider taking an RV vacation...

1. You like your own cooking

And that's the way it is with us. When you take an RV vacation, you take your own food and you cook it yourself. Cheaper than restaurants, and with a fridge full of food you can just pull over whenever you like to stop for a snack or a lunch break.

Here we are, stopped for a lunch break in Nova Scotia, Canada...

2. You have your own toilet

I wasn't writing these in any particular order, however this reason is definitely near the top. Public toilets aren't generally known for their cleanliness, and having your own bathroom with you any time you need it is definitely convenient!

3. Flexibility

I can't tell you the number of times we have been at a certain spot and decided that we would like to stay longer. RV travel generally allows you to do this. Or on the opposite side of the coin, if you don't like your neighbor? Drive away! 

4. Your own pace and style

We've learned that there is no one correct style of RV'ing. Many people love to stay at high end RV "resorts" and many people like to stay in smaller park style campgrounds. And some don't like staying in campgrounds at all. RV travel allows you to choose what you're most comfortable with, and at a wide variety of overnight prices.

5. You don't need to own an RV

Renting is a good option to test the waters and see if you would like the lifestyle. There are a lot of choices as far as style and size, and you can try out something that you think you might like without locking yourself in to actually buying one. And in fact, if you already own an RV and it sits unused for periods of time then you can earn some extra income by renting it out yourself!

6. You can travel with your pet

One of the easiest ways in the world to travel with your pet is by taking an RV vacation. Actually, I think that RV'ers are probably one of the highest percentage groups of pet owners simply because it's so easy to travel with your dog or cat.

Our dog Whiskey. She loved to travel with us in the motorhome.

7. It's not really that expensive

Of course everything is perspective, because you have to compare the cost to what kind of money you would spend doing some other sort of vacation. But when you figure out that you save on meals and hotel rooms, and if you don't drive the RV for long distances to keep your gas usage down, then it's worth doing a cost comparison to see how much cheaper you can do this for, versus another type of trip.

8. Because everybody should try it at least once

Just to see if you like it! Thinking back, we had no idea that we would enjoy this style of travel and vacation as much as we do. So glad that we took the plunge. Even though we also love other forms of travel, going down the road in our motorhome is something we will never tire of!


  1. There is nothing better than travelling in your own home, cooking you own food, not having to worry about washroom facilities and sleeping in your own bed, travelling at you own pace.
    We love every minute of this lifestyle.

    1. We totally agree! We are really looking forward to traveling in Sherman this winter. We have enjoyed the other traveling that we have done recently but have really missed the RVing life.

  2. I agree with all of the above, especially the pictures :) Hope we see you guys when you return to Mexico.

    1. We really hope that we will get to see you guys too!

  3. We like being able to sleep in our own bed every night. Same walls, just a different view every few days, great.

    1. Yep, we love that feeling of opening the curtains every morning to see the different views. Life can't doesn't get much better than that!

  4. JUst love having our own bed and for me ( as you know ) I do like to take it all with me.

  5. Yes, you pretty much hit the nail on the head! What can be better than seeing new places, meeting new people and having new experiences all from the comfort of your own home?!

    1. I can't wait to get back to our motorhome and actual travel in it this winter. We have loved doing our other traveling but we have really missed traveling in Sherman.

  6. All those reasons sound too good to be true. But, they are!!!!
    That is why we are heading out this weekend to get away from the city, and enjoy the lake.
    Heading west late August and plan to drop in to your park and introduce ourselves.

    1. Have a great weekend and enjoy the lake. Looking forward to your visit at the end of August and being able to meet you in person.


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