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Monday, July 14, 2014

Great weekend!

What a good weekend we had! The campground was packed, the weather was perfect, and the people were having fun.

We put in lots of hours though!

On the weekends, we have to have someone sitting at our entrance booth or some people will inevitably try to circumvent paying the vehicle fees. During the week it's simply not worth it. So Ruth has been alternating with Russell, one of our summer students. It actually gives them a bit of a break, because they can sit in the shade and read a book in between vehicles. Ruth likes to keep busy though, so we bought some rust paint and she finished painting the fencing beside the entrance road yesterday. Forgot to get any pics though!

I spend a lot of my weekend time sitting in the office. It's tough to get out and actually do something because I'll get started and then my pager goes off every ten or fifteen minutes and I have to run back to the office to help someone who needs to order firewood or is checking in, or has one of numerous other reasons for needing me.

Like they want to complain about a neighbors barking dog, or someone driving a boat too fast in our bay area. Or someone driving too fast on our (now dry and dusty) campground roads.

Despite the number of signs you put up and rules you make, there will always be some bonehead who is breaking them. When I see someone driving too fast, and I give them the motion to slow down they always get this look on their face like they simply didn't realize they were going that fast. Everybody's always in a rush, even if it's just to put their boat in the water. Slow down and relax, people! :-)

Lots of people staying up late around the campfire, but we didn't get one single noise complaint. I walked around both Friday and Saturday night at 11:30ish and even though there was quite a bit of chatter and laughter, almost everybody was out around the campfire so there was no point in telling people to quiet down.

A few projects on the go this week. Along with our other summer student Kevin W., we're going to replace the rotting fascia  and the eaves trough on the camp kitchen building. They were going to hire someone to do this, but I figured it was something we could handle ourselves.

Also, I received the repeater antenna for our pager system so that my buzzer would go off everywhere in the park. It currently doesn't reach as far as my shop, and this should fix the problem. I just have to find somewhere to install it, and it needs a power supply. I have one of our washroom buildings in mind for it, but we have to test it first and see if the location is suitable to make the signal project to the shop.

Our Amazon Associates program is off to a flying start. We've only been signed up since Friday, and already our readers have ordered 19 items! Thanks for shopping at! You may have noticed that we've decided to do a deal of the day. We try and make it something that you think is worthwhile and a great deal at the same time.

So here's today's deal...a great item for your RV...unbreakable stemless wine glasses!

The 4 pack of the 16 oz size is currently on sale for $12.95. The reviews are really good, and they say that these even look and feel like real glass. But you can't put them in the dishwasher! Most RV's don't have a dishwasher, so it won't matter.


  1. Busy times in a campground can be fun.
    A lots of parks we go to have speed bumps, or speed dips, kinda like tope's that really does control the speed.

    1. You and Kevin were thinking alike when you wrote this, he was looking at websites that sell speed bumps just as your comment came through yesterday!

  2. sounds like it was a successful weekend for you!! campers having a good time makes everyone happy!

    1. Yep, we totally agree with you Sue! It seems that the very few complaints we get are about the speed of vehicles and of dogs, either not being leashed or pooping and the owner not picking up so those are pretty minor in scheme of things.

  3. Those wine glasses are great ... I have some !
    You have done such a wonderful job at the park there, the board must be thinking they hit the jackpot !!!

    1. Thank you Sally, we definitely think they are happy with their choice of management this year!


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