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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fun watching our new playground being built!

The new playground here at the park is our main capital project for this year. Interesting story behind the old one, and why it had to be replaced.

The one we replaced is only about six years old. But it was not made to standards that exist today, and so it couldn't legally be added to or adapted in any way.

And so the decision was made to replace it entirely. There was grant money available from various sources and so the park itself was only responsible for about 25% of the total ($40,000!!!) cost.

Here's Kevin and grandson Cameron in the gator. Taken last month, you can see our old playground in the background.

It's been interesting watching the whole process. First, we had to decide what to do with the old playground, and it ended up being donated to one of the local Hutterite communities provided they came and took it away. That's exactly what happened, and in the middle of June it was taken away...

The Hutterites taking away the old playground.

Then a few days ago, we started leveling out the area for the new playground. Everything went smoothly until we broke an underground waterline! Not a serious problem, although we broke it again a couple of times yesterday when they were drilling holes.

Leveling the ground for the new structure.

At 10:00am yesterday, the place was humming with activity.

The company who manufactures the playground equipment sends one guy who supervises the building of it. We were scheduled for three full days. We were supposed to supply a minimum of 15 volunteers per day, and yesterday at one point we counted 30 people helping out!

A giant jigsaw puzzle.

Those black plastic things are the edging for the perimeter.

By 4:00pm it's starting to take shape.

By 6:45pm, there's still some people working!

We got so much done yesterday that today will be a short day, and Monday the cement truck is coming to fill the holes. Then we have a couple of loads of something coming to fill the base.

Looking forward to seeing the kids playing on it. Hopefully it will be all done by Tuesday!


  1. Looks like a fun project, and will be great for the kids.

    1. The kids are going to love it! Compared to the one they had before, this one has so many more things to do on it.

  2. That's quite the project, but at least there were enough bodies to get it done in a few days.
    I could almost smell that header pick of a beach on the Bay of Fundy. Morden is just up the shore a piece from where I grew up. Well, the first 10 years anyway.

    1. Yeah, it was great how many people turned up to help out.

      I remember you mentioning that when we wrote about our day there back in April of 2011. It is a pretty area, I just wish the weather had been nicer when we were there.

  3. Nice to see so many volunteers stepping up to help! :c)

    1. It was nice because they didn't think they were going to have enough volunteers to begin with. Luckily it was a fairly breezy day so it wasn't a prime boating day which really helped out.

  4. Looking great! Now you will have someplace to play!

    1. Yep we will. Too bad Cameron wasn't here still to give his approval!


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