Ruth and Max at the Natyra e Qete Restaurant & Camping near Berat, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Park of the Year!

The Saskatchewan Regional Parks system has 75 different parks.  Each year, the Regional Parks board choose a "Park of the Year" and a "Park on the Move".

The park we managed last year was chosen as "Park of the Year"!

We actually found out a few months ago that our park won , but wanted to wait until it was official.

The Park of the Year Award is to acknowledge a Regional Park who stands out from the rest by providing outstanding facilities and services to the public.

It certainly gives us some satisfaction knowing that our hard work was part of the process.

It's going to be difficult to for us to win this year though. Cabri Regional Park won this award in 2006, and given that there are over 75 parks in the system, we can imagine that they wouldn't choose the same park twice in such a short recent history.

We're giving it a good try though!

Actually, I think we might make a better candidate for "Park on the Move". This park hadn't received much tender loving care in the last few years, and with our investment in a new playground structure and some other ideas that we have yet to put into place, it may take us a couple of years of efforts to win Park of the Year. But we are certainly a Park on the Move!

We haven't shown you many pictures around the park lately, but yesterday was a busy day and so I went around and took some photos of what the park looks like when it's full.

Busy Saturday at our small beach.

And a shortage of parking. This park is popular with recreational boaters, so there are lots of boats and boat trailers.

Looking back at the day use area.

Our marina.

Every RV site is taken.

The section on the left is fairly new. We want to get some trees planted there.

Slept like a rock last night. Good thing, after the lack of sleep the night before! We had some welcome rains show up as well, it's been around three weeks without any rain. It started around 10:00pm with a good soaking, and then it rained again at some point overnight because our deck was totally wet when we woke up. Nice. It was getting pretty dry and dusty.

I'm really having fun with this thing. Apparently you are too because our readers have now orders 46 products through our links. Thanks everyone! Each morning, we can see a list of what products were ordered the day before. Obviously we don't see who ordered them. But it's interesting to see what people are buying. Some of the stuff people buy is pretty funny. Check this one out...

Who thinks up this stuff? Hey, at least it would be a lot more fun than a fly swatter!


  1. Your header picture brought back memories of my climb to the top of that pyramid (Sept 2007), it was a challenge because the steps were so uneven, but the view was worth it.

    1. Yep, that sure was a climb up but the climb down was even worst! Loved the pyramids at Teotihuacan.

  2. Always nice when the campground is full and people enjoying the outdoors, thats what we love about this lifestyle.

    1. Yep, and I don't see very many people that sit inside here, they are definitely out enjoying the summer.

  3. I just had to have it. LOL

    1. Ha!...You'll have to get back to us and let us know how well it works. Certainly looks like fun!

    2. Hope to show you next winter in Mexico. We are headed for the Yucatan this next winter. Really missed the nice warm water down in Majahual. All set up with solar and maybe going to put in some wind power. Congrats on the park of the year. So nice to know people who take pride in their work..

    3. Unfortunately I don't think we will be making it down to the Yucatan this winter seeing we were in Cancun in March. I am sure that you will have a great winter there. We will be interested in hearing about the wind power if you get it.

      Thanks for the congratulations!

  4. I'm betting that a lot of their win was because of your work. Congratulations! Seems at this park you've had to clean up some pretty shoddy stuff done in the past so my guess is the park had gone down hill since it's 2006 win. But it is definitely on the move now with you guys there.

    1. Yes, the guy who ran the park when it won in 2006 had been the manager here for something like 28 years. He became ill in 2007 and he passed away in 2008. It seems they've had a series of mediocre managers since 2006.


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