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Saturday, July 19, 2014

A two km hike at two o'clock in the morning!

We knew there would be nights like this. In fact, we've been lucky so far in that this is the first one at this campground.

The park is sold out this weekend, and will be for the next two weekends. Everybody comes out to enjoy the weekend, and some of them stay up too late. Often, it's the young people, but not always!

So last night, I walked around the park at about 11:30pm. Lots of people out enjoying their campfires, but no music and nobody being overly loud. Officially, the quiet hours start at 11:00pm.

So we went to bed. Sleeping peacefully, I am awakened by Ruth who is saying "Kevin, I'm sure I just heard someone knock on the door".

Hmm. So I groggily stumble out of bed and put some clothes on. While I'm doing that, there's a knock on our bedroom window. I go to the door, and there's nobody there but I hear quite a bit of noise coming from our playground. So I put on my boots and jacket, and head outside.

Sure enough, there are four young adults making noise and talking and laughing like it's two o'clock in the afternoon, not two o'clock in the morning! So I wander over there and sort them out.

"Oh, well I was just here trying to get a cell phone signal to call my boyfriend" says the one girl.

I remind them what time it is and ask what campsite they're from. "Oh, we're in H but I can't remember what number". Apparently none of them could remember what number. I tell them to move on and head back to their site.

Now, I see the woman who had knocked on my window. She's tenting, and explains how there are a group of young people in the next site who have people who are coming and going and making noise. I'm glad she came and woke me, because it does no good to come and tell me about it in the morning. Anyhow, I start the walk up towards the tenting area.

I'm halfway there (it's a big park) and I get sidetracked by the amount of noise coming from a different section. So I wander in there and shut down two other fireside parties. One of them starts dispersing right away.

Then, I walk up to the tenting area. There is a group of underage people (and some beer bottles) around a fire. I wait long enough to hear a decent amount of noise, then I wander in there and ask where the tents are? I ask them if they're camping here, (I knew the answer) and eventually one of them mumbles a "no". I explain that tenting sites are $10 per night, and I ask who's got the $10 to pay for the site. One of them actually hands me $10, at which point I promptly tell them the party is over and they need to head back to their parents trailers. Apparently some parents don't keep very close track of their teenage kids around here.

Walking back in another direction, I come across the same four young people who were in the playground. Heading in the wrong direction, and once again talking and laughing too loud. I set them straight, and one of them indignantly says "we're not 12, you know" while another one mentions that they're in their twenties.


I then listen to more raucous laughter from the same fireside parties from earlier and walked over to ask if they didn't hear me the first time. I know it's easy to get carried away sitting by the fire and having a few drinks, but I'm pretty serious with them when I mention again that it's two am and time to shut things down. They may be happy campers, but by this point I am definitely not a happy camper!

Wandering around the rest of the park, things now sound under control. I'm sure I did two kilometers!

Didn't sleep very well for the rest of the night. Gonna have to find time to nap today.

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  1. Oh the joys of managing a campground.
    But looks like you got things under control for the time being.
    That Rhino Flex sewer hose kit is by far the best on the market, we are on our second one in 9 years and is still in great shape.
    Great price too.

    1. Yep, but this is the one joy that we could do without. Thankfully, this is the first time this season that we have had a problem so that is a good thing.

  2. What fun you guys are having.. Love the hose we have one also.

  3. Next time, instead of saying the tent site costs $10, say it costs $50 and see if one of them hands you a $50! Might make the 2am 2km hike a little more palatable! Disagree about the Rhino Flex. Its huge fittings do not fit in my rear bumper. The real hose bargain is !

    1. Yep, that hose is a bargain if you have a bumper that will fit it and if you only need 10' of hose and don't mind putting the other fittings on yourself. We still think that the majority of people would prefer to go with the Rhino Flex hose.

  4. You were nicer than I'd be at 2 am. At least you got $10 out of the troublemakers!

    1. I think he was mean enough that they realized not to push the limit with him. If there is a next time it will be a different story.

  5. Somehow I picture myself wandering about at that time of night with a double barreled twelve gauge, open of course with no shells in the chambers, but I kind of think that would instill a bit of fear and respect in the little weasels.
    So ya, you're definitely nicer than I.
    Anyone who wakes me out of a sound sleep at two in the morning had better have a god damned good reason.

    1. That sounds like a great idea Bob, that should make them a little worried!

      Kevin was happy that the lady did wake him up to tell him rather that wait and complain the next morning because it is hard to do much after the fact to the noise makers especially if you don't know who they are! Hopefully there won't be a next time but I am sure Kevin won't be as kind especially if it is the same bunch of kids.

  6. You have the patience of Job! I'm tellin ya, I'd be knocking at the parent's doors and waking them up! What a night for you. Thankfully, it does not happen every night.

    1. That's exactly what I told Kevin to do if it were to happen again. If we get woken up to their noise than the parents should too! It might send out a signal to the parents so that it doesn't happen again! Yep, we are quite happy that that was the first complaint for noise this whole season so really it hasn't been too bad.


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