Max, at his overnight spot near the town of Žiri, Slovenia..
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Žiri, Slovenia.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Best rainbow ever!

They were calling for a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, and boy did we ever get one! It poured buckets for about a half an hour and then it slowly tapered off for another half hour.

And then the clouds abruptly moved on and the sun came out!

But the strange thing was, the clouds moved on so abruptly that you could look straight up and see clear blue sky...and yet it was still spitting rain. Very strange.

Ruth came in and yelled "Grab the camera, there's a beautiful rainbow".

So I did. We walked down to the waterfront and there was the most vivid rainbow we have ever seen.

I quickly took a picture.

Vivid rainbow over Lake Diefenbaker.

And the the screen went blank and it said "Battery Exhausted"!


So I ran back into the house and put in a fully charged battery. I figured the rainbow might not last that long, but I wanted to check out a different view, so I hopped in the gator and drove up to higher ground.

Unfortunately enough time had passed that it wasn't quite as full as it had been.

Still a great rainbow though!

Looking to the right, you can see how clear the sky had become.

And, looking the opposite way down the lake.

Speaking of dead batteries, that's where our deal of the day comes in! 

Not for cameras, but for smart phones. If we had a smart phone, one of the things that would drive me crazy is the fear of a dead battery. Today's deal is on at a great price already, but apparently it's going to become a "lightning deal" this morning, where the price drops even further. 

Apparently works with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and more.

It says that it's coming on sale with further discounts in an hour and a half from the time I post this. So check back then to see if it's even cheaper! (Edit: Yep, sure enough...on sale super cheap. These are going to sell out fast!)

(Edit again: The lightning deal is now over. You'll have to be quicker next time! :-) but the normal sale price is still there, so even now, it is still a really good deal!


  1. Just ordered the charger for $27.95!

    1. Great deal...good for you! I love when people get a deal. :-)

    2. Me too! If you own any tablet, one of these external contraptions is essential to extending its useful life---since replacing the internal battery would cost many times the $28 paid.

    3. Nice. Sounds logical to me.

    4. BTW some cameras today can charge using the same USB cable usually used to upload pix to a computer. These cameras can also be recharged using a portable USB charger like this one. So it's not just for smartphones.

    5. Thanks for that tip Dugg, we will have to look and see if our camera can be charged with this.


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