Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Haselünne, Germany.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012


A little slow getting going this morning. First of all, we slept in because we stayed up late watching television. What? Watching television? That's not normal for us. Well I'll tell you, there's a reason we don't watch television.

We're house and dog sitting this weekend for one of the neighbors in the village. They have a TV with one of those satellite expressvu things with a gazillion channels. Started off watching America's Got Talent, and then switched over to Celebrity Apprentice. But I'll tell you, it seems like half the shows are advertising. Not only the ads themselves, but the advertising is actually part of the show! Can't stand it.

For myself, I do miss watching baseball and Nascar racing on TV. I don't miss anything else.

But when we have a good internet connection, we download movies and some TV shows that have the commercials edited out. Then watch them on the laptop. I can't see us ever owning a television again.

Went for a bike ride and a hike yesterday. We borrowed Ruth's brothers bikes (he lives next door) and rode them 7 kms (4.5 miles) each way down to the Morris Island Conservation Area. Then we locked them up and went for a 4.5 km (3 mile) hike.

Heading into the town of Arnprior (population 8,000) to play with the new camera today. Then, to visit my mother for dinner.

Don't forget to vote. Even though we are firmly in first place in our category, we don't want you to have done all that work only to have someone come from behind near the finish line!


  1. I've always like public TV because they do not have commercial breaks during the show. But even they now have commercials between the shows.

  2. We do watch some of what comes across our antenna but don't have a dish. When we are somewhere that has cable I'm always looking for the cooking shows. The only channel I wish I had all the time is Food Network. There are a few food show on PBS, particularly the Create one, so I watch those when I get them in on the antenna. Most TV is not worth watching, in my opinion.

  3. butterbean carpenterMay 20, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    Howdy R&K,
    I HATE TV!! IT MAKES ME NAUSEOUS WITH THE JUMPING AROUND!!! WE haven't had TV in about seven years and I TRULY DO NOT MISS IT AT ALL!! Love the river pic, it's so calm and quiet looking.. The pretty little wood nymph on the trail is a lucky find!! Do you use chains and locks or do they have cages for the bikes?? When y'all get to Jolly Ol' be sure and do the James Barrie hill's trails he wrote of!! Dorchester, I think!! Really having a blast running around with you kids and NOT getting tired, except in my eyes!!

  4. I'm a TV person. But we only have an antenna and what we get is what we get. I like to have it on when I'm on the computer. Jim is usually asleep in the recliner so it's nice to have a little noise. (Besides the snoring that is). NASCAR is the only reason we would ever consider having any other kind of service and so far Jim has been fine with just watching the races that are on FOX or ABC. If I get nothing else done, I always get my vote in. Need to keep you up there in that lead.

  5. We were just talking briefly this evening about how we had TWO TVs in our motorhome, but never watched either one. Maybe first thing in the morning to get the weather but really, could have listened to the radio in that case instead. There's just too many other things to do besides watching TV. I sure don't miss it.
    Well, I miss watching Lloyd Robertson, but he's retired now anyway.
    If we want to watch a movie or TV show, we watch media files, which we used to watch on the computer, but now have a device that plays those files from a sata drive with a remote. Gotta have that remote!
    The person who needs the TV on in order to fall asleep (not me) is presently working her way through season four of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

  6. This may be a dumb question, but how do you download to watch later. For example, if we have good wi-fi or internet and want to download a show from Hulu or a network site, how do you do it to watch later. I just thought you could watch them at the time you connect to it.

  7. Tv in the morning for the news and weather, then at night while computing. Then sit down to watch a show, fall asleep at the first commercial, thats about it for us.

  8. We have two TVs as well and never watch them. We didn't have TV in our stix & Brix becasue it was in the mountains, no signal. Never missed it. Don't miss it now. Feel sorry for PBS that they are no longer the PUBLIC broadcasting system thanks to congress and have to take on corporate sponsors which is just another name for control.


  9. Love Morris Island CA. Great place! You should also check out Purdon Conservation Area near Clayton. The Lady's Slipper Orchids should be in bloom soon.


    1. Thank you for the link, we will try to stop by there if we are in the area.

  10. Great photos of the river. I don't have a TV in my RV and don't need it. I was thinking of watching movies on the internet, but have a real slow connection here at the National Park. I usually just listen to the radio and read books or read on the computer. I would like a Wii Fit system and am trying to figure out if I could hook it up to my laptop without having to buy a TV.

  11. Neat header pic of the conservation area - that's the kind of stuff hubby and I enjoy, too!

  12. We TVO anything we want to watch and then fast forward through all the commercials. We can watch an hour show in 35 min. Love it.

    I just voted...I think I put you way over the top...hehe

  13. We cut off the cable a couple of months ago. I do like to watch a good movie now and then and the news. We use internet for everything now. YouTube has full-length movies now and the news is streaming from Mexico and the U.S.

    For every thirty minutes of a show, ten minutes are advertising. I said goodbye to all that. Adios cable and network tv!

  14. I too am sick of the advertising on top of the actual programming. A few years back I gave up DirecTV for that very reason and saved myself almost $1000 a year.

    It is getting so bad that even PBS is getting in the act. Saturday night I was watching a show and every 5 minutes they had to tell me what the next program was.

    I love Netflix for that very reason... nothing on the screen but the program... no 'bugs' either telling me what network it is... those are irritating to and unnecessary.


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